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China Rise of the Private Sector
The theme of this chapter is that most of both the current academic literature and popular commentary on China’s economy have substantially underestimated the contribution of the private sector to China’s economic growth since 1978 while exaggerating the role of state-owned firms. This chapter traces the rise of private companies and the decline of state companies in agriculture, in industry and construction and in services. The second half of the chapter shows how the growth of private firms fa ...
China Private-Sector Development in China’s Foreign Policy
China’s role as one of the world’s leading economies is well established. By some indicators, china became the world’s largest economy, measured in purchasing power parity, in 2014. In addition, last year also saw China surpass the United States as the world’s largest consumer of energy. It is no longer solely China’s role as a global manufacturing center that is shaping how the world does business. China’s increasing need for natural resources, foreign markets, and political influence abroad is ...
Singapore Managing Human Resources for Service Excellence and Cost Effectiveness at Airlines
The purpose of this paper is to explore the nature of Singapore Airline’s human resource management practices that enable the company to deliver consistent service excellence in an efficient manner and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. The study finds that Singapore Airlines’HR practices involve stringent selection and recruitment processes, extensive training and retraining, successful service delivery teams, empowerment of front-line staff to control service quality, and motivating st ...
Thailand International Service Trade and Its Implications for Human Resources for Health: A Case Study of Thailand
This study aims at analysing the impact of international service trade on the health care system, particularly in terms of human resources for health, using Thailand as a case study. It finds that international service trade has greatly affected the Thai health care system and its HRH. It also finds that free trade in service sectors other than health could seriously affect the health care system and HRH.
Indonesia Globalization of Entrepreneurship: Policy Considerations for SME Development in Indonesia
This paper evaluates the existing private sector development policy in Indonesia, which has been found to be both ambivalent and inconsistent. In order to succeed in promoting SME development to advance the welfare of the economically weak groups, the newly launched programs need to be fine-tuned to allow for the establishment of a favorable and non-discriminative investment climate. There is much that Indonesia can learn from the experience of India and Singapore in implementing meaningful poli ...
Indonesia The Influence of Implementing the Strategic Policy in Creating Business Climate, Business Environment and Providing Support Facilities Towards Business Empowerment on Small Medium Craft Enterprises in Ambon Indonesia
This study aims at analyzing and explaining whether there was the influence of implementing the strategic policy in creating business climate, business environment and providing support facilities towards empowerment on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as whether there is synchronously influence of implementing the strategic policy in creating business climate, business environment and providing support facilities for business empowerment on small and medium scale enterprises through ...
South Africa Linkages Between Industrialization Strategies and Industrial Relations/Human Resource Policies: Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and India
The case studies of Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and India presented in this paper support the author's contention that a country's industrialization strategy for economic development profoundly influences its industrial relations (IR) and human resources (HR) policy goals. The author finds that import substitution industrialization was associated with IR/HR policy goals of pluralism and stability, while a low-cost export-oriented industrialization strategy was associated with IR/HR po ...
Sri Lanka The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Marketing Executive Turnover of Leasing Companies in Sri Lanka
This study empirically evaluates six Human Resource (HR) practices (realistic job information, job analysis, work family balance, career development, compensation and supervisor support) and their likely impact on the Marketing Executive Intention to Leave (MEIL) in the Sri Lankan leasing companies. The sample consists of hundred marketing executives working for 10 different leasing companies in Sri Lanka. The data are gathered by administering questionnaires. The results indicate job analysis, ...
Indonesia Human Resource Management in Indonesia
The paper intends to describe human resource management in Indonesia with particular focus on the environmental context. L. Bennington is from Graduate School of Management, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. AD. Habir is from Indonesian Institute for Management Development, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Indonesia The Contribution of Human Resources for Health to the Quality of Care in Indonesia
The paper intends to take advantage of exogenous changes imposed on the Indonesian health system to evaluate the contribution of physicians, nurses, and midwives to the quality of primary care. The research finds out that quality depends on the availability, type, and number of health workers, which, in turn, is affected by public policies about deployment. In conclusion, the staff deployment could be refined by analyses of the skill-mix needed to provide quality care. Professional nurses in par ...

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