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China Bureau of Statistics:Chinese Manufacturing PMI Index - 50.0% in July (in Chinese)
Through the analysis of production index, new orders index, employment index, the index of raw material inventory, the supplier delivery time index, the change and development of manufacturing industry are more intuitively shown.
China Bureau of Statistics: Chinese Non-Manufacturing Business Activity Index - 53.9% in July (in Chinese)
To understand the manufacturing industry development situation in our country ,and to provide references for future development, this report is formulated.
China China's Industrial Modernization Report: From Industrial Elements Aspect (in Chinese)
The report analyzes the elements of China's industry from different angles.
China China's Industrial Modernization Report: From Industrial Production Aspect (in Chinese)
The analysis includes international comparison, etc., including three historical sections with year 2010 as the key.
China The Bulletin on Marine Management in 2014 (in Chinese)
To develop marine cause to promote economic development, deepen international cooperation and promote world peace, this report is hereby formulated.
China Statistics on the Scale Incremental of Regional Social Financing in the First Half Year of 2015 (in Chinese)
To better ensure the circulation of money, and to have a grasp of capital operation, these statistics are formulated.
China 2014 Report on China’s Population and Social Development: Population Changes and Public Services (in Chinese)
To obtain accurate statistics on China’s population and national condition, and to promote moderate and harmonious economic and social development, this report is hereby formulated.
China China May Reach the World Industrial Medium-Developed Level Around 2050 (in Chinese)
China may reach the world industrial medium-developed level around 2050. It is required that in 2050 China's second industrial modernization index and comprehensive index of industrial modernization should be higher than the world average, reaching the medium-developed in the world, equivalent to the world's developed level in 2010.
China Prospect for China's Industrial Modernization: Opportunities and Challenges (in Chinese)
The prospect for China's modernization spans from 2010 to 2100 (about 90 years), whose analysis includes China's overall industrial modernization outlook, and the prospect for the four industrial aspects.
China Review for China's Industrial Modernization Report: The New Frontier of Modern Industry (in Chinese)
Industrial modernization is not only the core of economic modernization and the strategic basis of national modernization, but also the driving force for economic modernization and national modernization.

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