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Advisory Services

  • The promotion of development in a rapidly globalizing world, reflected in the deepening interdependence of nations and issues, is one of the foremost challenges facing the world today.

    United Nations policy advisory services, supplemented by research and training, support the efforts of governments at their request and in accordance with their national policies, to formulate development strategies and build national capacities for sustained economic growth and social progress.

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Africa Africa Governance Inventory
1 Jan 1999- present; US$500,000
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  Public Service Ethics in Africa
1 Apr 2000- present; US$664,000
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  Capacity Building in Conflict Management
1 Dec 1999- present; US$367,000
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  CAPAS-IV Project: Strengthening the Capacity of African Countries to Chart a Course for Policy Reform inTheir Service Sectors Using Endogenous Analytical and Policy-making Resources
1 Nov 1998- 31 May 2001; US$353,978
  Training Programme on Peace-building and Good Governance for African Civilian Personnel
1 Aug 2001- present; US$561,867
  Support to the Africa Governance Forum V on Local Governance and Poverty Eradication
Benin De renforcement des capacites d' intervention
  Programme D' Assistance Preparatoire a la Reforme Administrative au Benin
Ethiopia Geographic Information System
1 Jan 2000- present; US$39,890

Civil Service Reform - Mid-term Evaluation
1 Aug 1999- present; US$40,440
  Technical Support to Public Enterprises Supervising Authority
1 Mar 2000- present; US$35,000
Guinea-Bissau Appui au renforcement des capacites de bonne gouvernance
Kenya Capacity-building for Nairobi City Council
1 Jun 1998- present; US$304,499
Kuwait UNDP Kuwait Country Review 1 Feb 2000- present
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Development Training
31 Aug 1997- present; US$1,048,752
Mauritania Support to SIFAP -Ttraining System for Public Administration
1 Apr 1999- present; US$172,629
Morocco Morocco E-Accounting Initiative: e-HR Management Project in the Public Administration of Morocco – First Phase
January 2005-present; US$500,000
Lesotho Lesotho: e-Government for Enhanced Service Delivery
October 2006-present; US$231,000
Namibia Support to Good Governance
1 Nov 1998- present; US$95,559
Sierra Leone Development of Programme for Capacity and Institutional Strengthening in Post-conflict Sierra Leone
1 Jan 2000- present; US$200,000
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South Africa South Africa 2015: Creating the Future
1 Jul 2001- present; US$150,000
  Provincial Management Capacity Building
1 Aug 1997- present; US$190,380
  Capacity Building for Local Governance
1 May 1999- present; US$3,500,000
Sudan Civil Service Reform in Sudan
1 Nov 2000- present; US$146,000
United Republic of Tanzania Strengthening Management in the Public Sector in Tanzania
1 Dec 1998- present; US$4,947
Zimbabwe Preparatory Assistance for Programme of Support for Capacity Building in Negotiations & Conflict Management Skills
1 Jun 2002- present; US$115,500

Arab States

Arab States Transparency and Accountability in the Public Sector in the Arab Region
1 Jan 2002- present; US$350,000
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Asia and the Pacific

Asia and the Pacific Globalization and State Capacity in the Asia Pacific Region
1 Mar 2002- present; US$100,000
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Capacity Building for Policy Development
  Northeast Asia Regional Cooperation Strategy
China Global Programme for the Integration of Public Administration and the Science of Disasters
1 Jan 1996- present; US$137,592
  Strategic Policy for Good Governance and sustainable development to Promote cost effective Green Olympics
1 May 2002- present; US$149,000


Kosovo Post-conflict Public Administration Strategy
Poland Sustainable Urban Space Management System
1 Jun 2001- present; US$60,000
Romania Building of Capacity for Conflict Analysis
1 Jan 2000- present; US$47,232
  National Preventive Action System for Romania
1 Feb 2000- present; US$49,400
  Capacity Building for Conflict Analysis
1 Jan 2000- present; US$145,915

Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean Jamaica and Belize E-accounting Initiative
January 2005-present; US$485,222
  Eastern Caribbean E-accounting Initiative
January 2005-present; US$526,900
  Caribbean Technical and Advisory Support Facility on E-government (TASF)
September 2005-present; US$ 180,000
  The State and the Third Millenium 1 Mar 2000- present
  Strengthening Central American and Caribbean Parliaments and Regional Parliamentary Organizations
1 Jul 1998- present; US$409,999
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  Support to Country Reviews
1 Aug 2000- present; US$199,000
  Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening of UNDP Country Offices in the English Speaking Caribbean
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  Programme for Innovation in Public Administration in the Mediterranean Region
1 June 2003 - present; US$ 2,150,555
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  Capacity-building for Promoting Gender Equality in Africa: a DAW/DPEPA Joint Venture
1 Jul 2000 - present; US$1,241,000
  Capacity Development Workshop towards the Fourth Global Forum on Reinventing Governance

International Conference on E-Government for Development
  Programme on Democratic Governance and Civil Society Empowerment
  Third Caribbean Ministerial Consultation & High Level Workshop on "E-Government and Information" US$190,452
  Capacity Building Programme for Diplomats in the Third Millenium
1 Jan 2001- present; US$475,321
  Regional Programme Framework for Europe and CIS: Capacitiy Building & Information Exchange
1 Jan 1999 - present; US$462,850
  Advisory Servies and Operational Support
  Financial Management and Accountability in the Face of Globalization
  Investment Promotion in the Southern Africa Development Community
  Fellowships Programme for Development Cooperation
1 Sep 1999 - present; US$1,689,716


  United NationsOnline Network of Regional Institutions for Capacity Building in Public Administration and Finance (UNPAN)
1 Jun 1999 - present; US$1,525,000
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  Capacity Building (sector review) for Metropolitan Management in Havana City
1 Oct 1997 - present; US$18,183
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