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5th Session

United Nations, New York
27-31 March 2006
The fifth session of the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration was held at the United Nations Headquarters from 27 to 31 March 2006.
CEPA Bureau Members

  • Chairperson:  The Honorable Jocelyne Bourgon (Canada), President Emeritus of the Canada School of Public Service

  • Vice-Chairperson:  Ms. Geraldine J. Fraser-Moleketi (South Africa), Minister for Public Service and Administration of South Africa

  • Vice-Chairperson:  Mr. Taher H. Kanaan (Jordan), Executive Vice-President of The Higher Council for Science and Technology in Amman, Jordan and the Managing Director of the Jordan Centre for Public Policy Research and Dialogue

  • Vice-Chairperson:  Mr. Wang Xiaochu (China), Vice-Minister of Personnel of the People's Republic of China

  • Rapporteur:  Dr. Luis F. Aguilar Villanueva (Mexico), Professor of Public Policy and Management at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF)

Summary of Resolutions
The Economic and Social Council:
  • Encourages Governments to create an environment that is supportive of change management, risk assessment and innovation so that they may provide better services to their citizens.

  • Encourages Member States to strengthen citizen trust in government by fostering public participation in key processes of public policy development, public service delivery and public accountability.

  • Requests the Secretariat to:
  1. Work with Governments with a view to assisting them to deepen the impact of the United Nations Public Service Awards by promoting and disseminating innovation in governance and public administration;
  2. Respond expeditiously to requests from Governments regarding the design, implementation and evaluation of participatory processes, including the dissemination of best practices of citizen participation;
  3. Continue to assist Member States in developing e-government tools to improve participation, transparency, accountability and service delivery and to increase sharing of information, products and resources throughout the United Nations Public Administration Network.

Mr. Guido Bertucci, Director, DPADM, UNDESA
Tel: 1-212-963-5761; Fax: 1-212-963-9681

Ms. Haiyan Qian, Secretary of the Committee
Tel: 1-212-963-3393; Fax: 1-212-963-0522
E-mail: qianh@un.org

Ms. Veda Gittens, Administrative Assistant
Tel: 1-212-963-3328; Fax: 1-212-963-9681

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