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Knowledge Base of Innovative E-Government Practices

The Knowledge Base of Innovative E-government Practices is a compilation of recent case studies of Innovative e-government solutions, services and applications. The Knowledge Base does not promote one solution over another, but rather highlights e-government practices that place the citizen in the forefront.

Information Management Initiative
Institution: Australian Government Information Management Office
Department of Finance and Administration
Theme: Public Administration Schools, Thematic Website, Institution and HR Management
Implementation Date: Oct 07, 2005
Summary: Various activities have been undertaken to facilitate access to cost-effective infrastructure for government agencies. They include:

•    Fedlink: a virtual private network for electronic communication between government agencies. It can operate securely across all infrastructures, including the Internet, to transmit a variety of data types;

•    Open Source Content Management System: a content management system as implemented in the Australian Government Information Management Office and made available to government agencies in an easily installed package;

•    Whole of Government Volume Sourcing Arrangements: arrangements for volume software supply to the Government of Australia. These arrangements have been established;

•    Whole of Government Telecommunication Head Agreement: provides agencies with access to services of 23 providers.

•    Australian Government Authentication Framework: a whole-of-government approach to authentication for business dealings online with government;

•    Gatekeeper Policy and Administration: a framework for implementation of public key infrastructure in government;

•    SourceIT web site: a resource for agency chief information officers and staff with sourcing information and tools.

•    Australian Government Service Delivery Principles: principles developed as the first component of the Access and Distribution Strategy of the Government of Australia;

•    Govdex: used to develop and test infrastructure that government agencies can use to align standards, promote interoperability and facilitate federated services. The Govdex infrastructure is based on Web Services registry technology and a collaborative governance framework; and

•    ReuseIT: catalogue information components and patterns developed by agencies and that can be used across a range of technical environments. ReuseIT will be published on Govdex and help efforts to rationalize duplication in the design of e-government solutions.

Impact: Citizens have access to up-to-date information. Public services are deployed more quickly and more effectively. The public sector is more reliable and efficient and it meets citizens’ needs.  Citizens have therefore developed greater confidence in the public sector.

The use of open source technology has enabled the Government to link its agencies together and thus provide an integrated network.

Source: ITU
Project Home URL: http://www.agimo.gov.au/

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