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Knowledge Base of Innovative E-Government Practices

The Knowledge Base of Innovative E-government Practices is a compilation of recent case studies of Innovative e-government solutions, services and applications. The Knowledge Base does not promote one solution over another, but rather highlights e-government practices that place the citizen in the forefront.

Brisbane City Council Green Home
Institution: Impart Qantm Studio for Brisbane City Council
Theme: Public Administration Schools, Thematic Website, Institution and HR Management
Implementation Date: Aug 20, 2009

The Brisbane City Council Green Home project provides visitors with an online three-dimensional (3D) interactive house that illustrates the City Council’s key messages about household sustainability. It is the first Government of Australia-sponsored interactive learning object to use 3D technology in order to convey environmental messages that are designed to cause behavioural change.

Green Home is a model of a comfortable house and garden that uses sustainable living principles. Inside the house are ideas for simple everyday actions, advice on buying new appliances and information about building and renovating in Brisbane.

The user navigates through the house and interacts with objects to reveal practical building and household lifestyle guidelines for achieving a more sustainable, cost-efficient home. These include orienting the main living areas to the warmer northern side and bedrooms to the cooler southern side and planting or retaining native shade trees, especially towards the western side of the home for cost-effective and energy-efficient cooling.


Users can remodel their home or garden virtually without making any real structural changes to it, thus saving time and money. Green Home improves the users’ organizational skills and provides them with suggestions that are environmentally friendly and enhance the value of the home. The product also sharpens the designing skills of individuals.

Administrations can use the product to create more efficient buildings that take advantage of the architectural possibilities that the software has to offer.

Source: Brisbane City Council
Project Home URL: http://www.impart.com.au

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