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SUSTAINS (Support Users To Access Information and Services)
Institution: County Council of Uppsala
Theme: Institution and HR Management
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 1997
Summary: SUSTAINS (Support Users To Access Information and Services) is a system that can be considered as analogous to Internet banking, but for health care. Instead of an “Internet Bank Account” the user has a “Health Care Account”.

Here the user (patient) can read essential information from his medical record. He can also obtain a list of prescriptions, laboratory results and so on. The system also allows easy exchange of written information between doctor and patient.

The patient logs in, using a One-Time Password which is sent to his mobile phone as an SMS, three seconds after username and PIN code have been entered. Thus, personal information can be transferred both ways in a secure manner with an acceptable level of privacy.

Since November 2002, the patients, who have health care accounts, can access data from three different sources.

The system also has a built-in communication channel between general practitioner and patient, as requested in the evaluations of the two pilot studies.

The main objective of this project has been to encourage the patient’s involvement in his own health and medical care. A further aim has been to a make the work of the health care providers more effective and efficient.
Impact: By comparing e-health services with Internet banking, the impact on the health care industry can be more easily understood.

Just as the e-services of a bank cannot alone appreciably increase the economic wealth of their customers, of course the e-health services will not improve the health of the patients. But the availability of efficient e-services will help individuals to make decisions when such can be made.

The more you are involved in the management of a health problem, the easier it will be to see relations between your way of living and your physical condition. Through e-services it is also easier as a patient to express wishes and preferences end to give information to professionals dealing with their health care.
For the latter purposes, however, systems such as SUSTAINS need to be improved further with structured ways of obtaining such information from the patients.

Source: http://europa.eu.int/information_society/index_en.htm
Project Home URL: http://www.sustainskonto.lul.se/

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