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Home Application and Fulfillment System
Institution: Ministry of Housing
Theme: Institution and HR Management
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 2004
Summary: For four decades, the Ministry of Housing, via its executing agencies, provided homes for citizens using a manual application process.

As a consequence, the Ministry could not accurately determine the number of persons in need of government housing, the specific types of housing desired or the preferred location.

Also, the profile of the average applicant in terms of basic demographics and financial information was not readily available.

A Report of the Task Force on Housing and Settlements highlighted the need for the acquisition and maintenance of information about home applicants that would facilitate the determination of the effective demand for the Ministry’s housing products.

Based on the Report findings, in 2002 the Ministry of Housing began to review the existing system and explored the use of IT to change the form and manner of the acquisition, processing, storage and retrieval of information into an efficient, effective system.

In 2003, the contracted Information Technology Team developed a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by the Ministry and its agencies.

The result was the Home Application and Fulfillment System, a computer application that facilitates the recording of individual citizens’ housing applications with the Ministry’s executing agencies.

Applications can be submitted via handwritten forms, online through the Ministry Intranet (kiosks) and online through the Internet. More specifically, the Home Application Fulfillment System facilitates:

• Easy retrieval of application information;
• Elimination of duplicate applications;
• Restriction of one application type per applicant;
• Enforcement of adherence to established housing policy and procedure;
• Provision of accurate housing statistics;
• Improved customer service; and
• Submission of an application to the Ministry from any part of the world by citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

As at November 2005, 119,482 applications for various housing solutions had been received and stored in the system database; of these, 3,357 had been received via the Internet.

The Ministry web site shows 7,694 hits (i.e., over 7,000 visits to the web site) since its launch in July 2004.
Impact: The Home Application Fulfillment System has revolutionized the way in which the Ministry of Housing and its agencies interact with the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

It has facilitated the tracking of housing-solution applications, housing-solution selection and the analysis of housing-solution demand.

With the available statistics on current demand for housing provided by the system, the Ministry has been able to take effective measures and actions to facilitate the provision of housing units that will in time meet the current demand, which, as at August 2005, stood at approximately 70,000.
Source: Ministry of Public Administration and Information
Project Home URL: http://www.housing.gov.tt/hafs.htm

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