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Cyber Policy Forum
Institution: Metropolitan Government of the City of Seoul
Theme: Institution and HR Management
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 2003

To increase citizen participation in the municipality, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has employed many tools. Diverse civil organizations and committees have been formed to represent citizens' interests and to promote citizens’ engagement in the policy-making process. Programmes such as Dates with the Mayor and Let's meet on Saturday have provided citizens with face-to-face meetings with the mayor and public officials. However, these off-line tools are restricted to specific groups of citizens, themes, time and space. For a metropolis such as Seoul with more than 10 million people, a new tool to better reflect the many and unspecified citizens' opinions was needed. To meet this need, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, in 2003, turned its attention to a virtual space that allows citizens to discuss any issue at any time and anywhere.

The Cyber Policy Forum is an online discussion forum focused on a different topic each month. The objectives of the Forum are:

• To provide citizens with opportunities to understand policy issues and facilitate discussions;

• To encourage citizens' participation in public administration and to obtain their feedback on policy issues; and

• To reflect citizens' opinions in city policies and produce more tailored policy solutions for citizens.

There are two kinds of forums for participants: one for ordinary citizens and one for youth. The Youth Cyber Policy Forum provides teenagers with a place to discuss their interests in policy and social issues.


The Cyber Policy Forum reduces the overall burden in planning policy while raising public awareness and understanding of political issues. Policy-makers can understand what citizens want and what citizens' general opinions are. This has enabled public officials to reduce the time and cost involved in planning policies, to minimize errors by receiving opinions prior to formulating policy, and to gain an understanding of inconveniences that sometimes are caused by changed policy.

The Cyber Policy Forum offers an opportunity for citizens to be better informed about policy so that consensus on the policy can be formed between the government and its citizens.
The Youth Cyber Policy Forum enables the youth of Seoul to participate in active discussions and in the policy-making process, giving them insight into governmental policies from an early age.


Source: Seoul Metropolitan Government
Project Home URL: http://forum-app.seoul.go.kr/web2004/participation/forum/policy_main.php

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