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Malaysia smart card (national ID card)
Institution: National Registration Department, Malaysia
Theme: Institution and HR Management
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 2001
Summary: The Government of Malaysia and the Government of Multi-purpose Card (GMPC), a consortium of five internationally prominent technology suppliers, developed and implemented “MyKad” – a multipurpose digital application card for all citizens over the age of 12.  MyKad deployment began in May 1999, and had its official introduction in September 2001. 

MyKad combines multiple applications:
  • MyKad replaces the national identification card and the driver’s license.
  • Availability of passport information enables quick exit and re-entry of Malaysians at immigration checkpoints (however MyKad does not replace passports for overseas travel).
  • Confidential health information - such as allergies, medications, medical history, etc. - ensures immediate medical attention during emergencies, eliminating the need for costly tests prior to treatment and delays caused by paperwork.
  • MyKad can be used for payment of tolls on highways; citizens pre-pay and the toll device automatically deducts the proper amount from the smart card.  It can also be used for parking and for the public transportation system.
  • Citizens can perform ATM transactions with the smart card.
  • Citizens can use MyKad as an e-purse for small purchases, pre-paying small dollar amounts and using the smart card to purchase everyday items.
  • The Public Key Infrastructure in MyKad, with its digital signature feature, enables secure e-commerce transactions.
    As of 2005, with a population of 23 million, Malaysia had issued MyKad to more than 17 million citizens.
Impact: According to Datuk Azizan, “the smart card makes it easier for citizens to deal with any government department. Not only do the citizens get faster services, but government employees are also more productive.” 

The smart card is implanted with a latest technology chip to ensure the data on the card is accurate and secure. Together with a thumbprint image, photograph, and surface information, the cardholder’s identity can be verified with a card acceptance device (CAD). This helps prevent forgery and misuse of cards. 
Source: Unisys Corporation
Project Home URL: http://www.jpn.gov.my (only available in Bahasa Melayu (Malay))

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