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CyberEthiopia Initiative
Institution: CyberEthiopia
Theme: Institution and HR Management
Implementation Date: Oct 07, 2006
Summary: The Amharic language has Africa’s oldest script, which has been used for written communication since 100 B.C. Facing the challenge of digital multilingualism and the development of the local script for digital use, the CyberEthiopia initiative has converted the Amharic script so that it is Web-friendly. The use of the Amharic script on the Internet facilitates Ethiopia’s digital inclusion and full participation in the information society.
The CyberEthiopia initiative has the following objectives:
• Information dissemination. The web site of the organization aspires to serve as a reference on the World Wide Web for timely, relevant and accurate information relating to Ethiopia and Ethiopians;
• Technology boost. Research and technology studies and applications are developed to advance the usage of Amharic on the Internet and to encourage activities relating to the usage of the new technologies by Ethiopians at large;
• Communication upgrade. The CyberEthiopia initiative is intended to foster dialogue, collaboration and knowledge-sharing among Ethiopians by offering local content and appropriate e-forums in local Ethiopian languages in an open, free and democratic spirit; and
• ICTs for development. The aim is to initiate a cyber culture among Ethiopians through ICTs in numerous domains impacting on the overall development of the country.
The CyberEthiopia initiative is engaged in the pursuit of a variety of activities from press releases and electronic services to e-forums on different socio-economic, cultural and other issues of interest in line with defined rules of conduct, with the aim of enhancing information exchange between various civic and professional networks.
Impact: The strategy of the initiative is working successfully and the number of visitors to the web site is constantly growing. The resources provided not only serve as a valuable input for professionals and the wider public in various fields of expertise (health, engineering, economy, agronomy, journalism and media, business, decision-making, etc.) but also aim to build a multi-level, fluid and efficient network, fully benefiting from the in-country and diaspora potential of Ethiopia.
This initiative has also helped to reduce the dominance of English on the Internet and has set the stage for other African countries to adapt their own languages and alphabets to the Web.

Source: Cyberethiopia.com
Project Home URL: http://www.cyberethiopia.com/

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