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Online Application System for Integrated Services
Institution: Ministry of Trade and Industry
Theme: Citizen Engagement
Implementation Date: Aug 01, 2001
Summary: The Online Application System for Integrated Services is an innovative cross-agency project that spans more than 30 government agencies. It focuses on cutting red tape for licences and making the application for licences efficient, more affordable and hassle free for businesses, especially for start-ups.

On the national and international fronts, the project showcases an unprecedented effort in the application of technology to foster a pro-enterprise environment for business in Singapore. It provides an opportune platform for purging bureaucratic inefficiencies within many government agencies. Extensive policy reviews were conducted for 154 licences, through which 11 were identified for removal. The application procedures for the remaining licences were systematically re-engineered; this allowed the average processing time to be reduced from 3 weeks to 12.5 days. Coupled with the revised fee structures, savings accrued to business exceed $1.8 million annually.

Thereafter, Online Business Licensing Service, an important milestone of the Online Application System for Integrated Services, was developed. Eighty per cent of all new business in Singapore, or more than 30,000 businesses annually, can apply online through the Online Business Licensing Service for one or more of the 69 licences that are commonly needed to start their businesses without resorting to offline means. (Throughout the entire business licensing cycle, business users will only need to access a single portal to meet all their licensing needs.) As a natural extension to the online application service, the Online Business Licensing Service would enable applicants to complete licence renewals, updates and terminations online as of August 2005.
Impact: The Online Business Licensing Service currently offers a convenient online, integrated platform for searching for information on licences from 30 government agencies. It also enables online applications for 69 licences from 19 agencies. By the end of 2005, the licences could also be updated, renewed and terminated via the same portal. More than 8,000 businesses in Singapore have used the Online Business Licensing Service since its launch in January 2004. It is estimated that businesses enjoyed benefits of S$11.4 million in the first year. As of the end of June 2005, government agencies had also reaped cost savings of approximately S$1.6 million.

Source: Ministry of Trade and Industry
Project Home URL: http://app.mti.gov.sg/default.asp?id=769

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