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A Government Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) - eBAS
Institution: Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan (DGBAS)
Theme: Citizen Engagement
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 2001
Summary: The DGBAS is the highest budget, accounting and statistics authority in Taiwan Province of China. BAS offices for other central organizations and local governments are established by DGBAS, with the size and the staff of each office dependent on their duties. There are 3,930 BAS offices, with a combined staff of 13,898.

In 1995, the Information Management Center (IMC) set up the World Wide Web of DGBAS and used it to publish the government’s budget and statistics information for the public. In 1998, the IMC established the DGBAS Intranet in order to share information among staff and to re-engineer data processing within DGBAS. However, without an extranet for DGBAS, communication among the BAS offices remained cumbersome. Considerable time was wasted in transferring and submitting documents among the numerous BAS organizations scattered throughout Taiwan Province of China. This led the IMC to conceive the eBAS portal.

eBAS (electronic Budget, Accounting and Statistics) is a portal and knowledge management platform designed to improve the inter-governmental communication. eBAS aims to complement policies to create an e-government for Taiwan Province of China, including reorganization and increasing administrative efficiency.

All DGBAS subordinate agencies and personnel have linked up to the new network, which has its own dedicated website, which provides various applications, data exchange and communication functions.

eBAS is constructed as a G2G (Government to Government) network for rapid data transmission and exchange. It is a portal that integrates BAS application services, including information systems such as the government’s budget, government accounting, official statistics management, census investigation and BAS personnel.

There are four strategies in this project:
  • Innovative Service provides an environment in the BAS e-community for stimulating creativity and establishing appropriate behavior.
  • Common Consensus forms information promotion taskforces to build up common consensus within the organization.
  • Effective Reengineering converts existing paper-based processes into a digital data exchange mechanism and sets up an assessment procedure for the BAS system.
  • Electronic Infrastructure sets up a mode of communications to overcome the limitations of distance among the BAS members across the country and completes the knowledge bank to provide an intelligent platform for national BAS staff.
Impact: eBAS has improved administration and service efficiency. The achievements include both measurable and immeasurable results, namely:
  • Significantly reduces time and cost of data transfer;
  • Saves effort and increases efficiency in operating;
  • Reduces the quantity of documents and repeated data input to save costs and shorten processes;
  • Standardizes procedures to reduce overall operating cost by US$470,000 per annum;
  • Strengthens the BAS personnel’s knowledge management and communication ability;
  • Establishes a nation-wide family of BAS members to bolster their morale;
  • Increases accuracy of information, and promotes transparency and fairness.
Source: Taipei EC/EDI Committee
Project Home URL: http://ebas.gov.tw (only available in Chinese)

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