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E-Tax Filing
Institution: The Revenue Department of Thailand
Theme: Citizen Engagement
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 2002
Summary: As part of the departmen's strategy to collect more taxes, it makes paying taxes easier for taxpayers. The idea is simple enough: the easier it is to pay taxes, the more people will do it, and the more money can be collected. Key changes include a comprehensive database, “e-Taxinfo”, “e-Service” and online filing for tax returns.

“e-Taxinfo” is a free e-mail news service that sends updates and changes to tax laws, relevant news, and tax seminar information directly to taxpayers’ inboxes. At the moment, however, the service is only in Thai.

“e-Service” features important information online – VAT refund for tourists, downloadable forms, electronic payment, customer service via e-mail and most importantly, e-filing.

E-filing has come a long way in a short time: back in 2002 the system failed in the last two days before the tax deadline, and as a result only 69,000 taxpayers managed to file online. The second year of e-filing saw this rise to 259,000 before it jumped to 2 million in 2004.

This application has been awarded the e-Asia 2003 Award.
Impact: In the past, filing taxes was a formidable task. Taxes had to be paid at district departments, which were only open Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Anyone with a job had to take time off from work, and the wait could sometimes be three hours or more.

Today, however, taxpayers can file online from the comfort of their homes from 6 am until 10 pm. Online filing is not only convenient, it is also error-proof. The system ensures that all calculations are correct and all information has been entered. Another benefit for those who file online is that they receive their refunds as quickly as 15-30 days.

According to internal estimates by the Revenue Department, each taxpayer that chooses to file online saves the government more than US$1 each. This reflects the savings from not having to manually enter data from traditional paper forms, as well as the improvement in the accuracy of the data submitted, and the handling and storage costs of taxpayer data.
Source: Price Waterhouse Coopers
Project Home URL: http://www.rd.go.th

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