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Knowledge Base of Innovative E-Government Practices

The Knowledge Base of Innovative E-government Practices is a compilation of recent case studies of Innovative e-government solutions, services and applications. The Knowledge Base does not promote one solution over another, but rather highlights e-government practices that place the citizen in the forefront.

ITI-VITI- Virtual Learning
Theme: E-Education
Implementation Date: Mar 08, 1998

ITI - The Information Technology Institute (ITI) is a national institute established in 1993 by the Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC). It provides specialized software development programs to fresh graduates, as well as professional training programs and IT courses for the Egyptian Government, ministries, and local decision support centers.


In 1996, ITI launched its second branch in Alexandria to facilitate the widespread use of Information Technology throughout the country, and expand the outreach of ITI. Over the past 12 years, ITI has supplied the public administration institutions with highly-trained professionals in various IT domains.

In 1998, the Egyptian Government introduced (VITI) which is a virtual ITI. This was a leading project in Egypt and the Middle East, set up for spreading IT knowledge, and enhancing the training process with state-of-the-art technologies. Its work is based on the belief that technology is nowadays more important than capital assets, and public administration institutions should be at the forefront of it.

Since its creation, VITI has served a large number of people and introduced IT knowledge to them in their own native language. The VITI courses available online are complemented by high quality virtual teaching. An increasing number of public servants are trained and supervised by VITI. 

More information on the product:





241 Al-Ahram Street, Giza, Egypt

Tel: +2 02 3868420 Ext. 322

Fax: +2 02 3868429 

E-mail:  viti@iti-idsc.net.eg



There are about 50,000 Governmental Employees that have been fully trained by VITI as well as 400,000 public servants that have been supervised by the VITI Governorate's Training Centers.

The effects of this application can be measured in terms of:

·         Improved human resources capacities for public servants

·         Increased number of people trained virtually

Source: http://www.stockholmchallenge.se
Project Home URL: http://www.stockholmchallenge.se

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