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Municipality Meeting Online
Institution: Noterik Multimedia BV
Municipality of Eindhoven and Omroep Eindhoven
Theme: ICT for MDGs
Implementation Date: oct 08, 2004
Summary: In collaboration with the Municipality of Eindhoven and Omroep Eindhoven, Noterik developed the Municipality Meeting Online application.

Council meetings are transmitted live over the Internet, with unique media features, providing citizens and journalists with new ways to interact with local politicians.

Additionally, Web casts are enriched with meta-data, which enables the advanced retrieval of recorded council videos by using the system’s search engine.
Impact: The project is presently the most advanced online video application for council meetings in the Netherlands.

It demonstrates the potential of new technology in the effort to provide transparency in governance and reduce the gap between the world of the citizen and the world of politics.
Source: ITU
Project Home URL: http://www.bestuuronline.nl/index.html

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