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TOM, Täna Otsustan Mina = Today I Decide
Institution: Government of Estonia
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 2001
Summary: TOM is the first of Estonia’s attempts to start the discussion between the state and the society using the possibilities offered by modern ICT. Transparency of the decision making process and improvement of the state-society dialogue can be achieved that way.

The key objective is not to provide an electronic service, but to improve democratic discussion. The TOM process may be divided into six parts that starts with the submission of an idea to the Government until its implementation.
Impact: TOM was launched on 25 June 2001; at present, there are about 6,630 registered users and the average number of visits per month is 80,000.
Source: http://tom.riik.ee/
Project Home URL: http://tom.riik.ee/ (in Estonian)

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