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The Government Portal - PEC (El Portal del Estado Colombiano)
Institution: Office of the President
Theme: Public Administration Schools, Thematic Website, Institution and HR Management
Implementation Date: ago 01, 2000
Summary: The government of Colombia made a serious commitment to e-government in 2000-01, mandating that all federal government agencies develop an Internet presence, and creating a unit in the Office of the President to assist and monitor their progress. The Colombian government also developed an Internet legal framework, investment plans, and strong relationships with the private sector in ICT-related projects. The centerpiece of this initiative is the State of Colombia Portal (PEC). As a result of this Internet initiative, Colombia's citizens now have access to a huge volume of public information related to budgets, government plans, purchasing, etc. All government regulations since1900 are available online. In addition, businesses (and citizens) can access government procurement information online.
Impact: The PEC provides an entry point to every government agency website, and facilitates thorough searches for government-related information. Citizens are able to email government representatives from the PEC site, either to complain of problems with government services or to offer suggestions.
The spread of information contributes to making public officials more accountable and the citizens better informed and participative. E-government in Colombia is in its infancy. But both the government and citizens have begun to taste the convenience, savings, transparency and participation that agency web sites can generate
Source: World Bank
Project Home URL: http://www.gobiernoenlinea.gov.co

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