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The Seagoing Containers Import System
Institution: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and Customs
Implementation Date: oct 04, 2004
Summary: The project of Seagoing Containers Import System is the first joint IT project between different agencies in New Zealand. It helps provide biosecurity clearance for sea containers with the introduction of an electronic interface. It aims to improve the risk-profiling of sea containers and reduce compliance costs for importers, with both achieved as cost-effectively as possible.
Impact: The benefits arising from the single data entry system accrued primarily to the container importers (who worked with a faster and more streamlined container clearance system, which included the elimination of paperwork) and to MAF (which benefited from reduced manual data handling by staff and the generation of better quality data from the elimination of transcription errors).
At a higher level, the project fulfilled the government’s e-government objectives and both Customs and MAF gained an increased understanding of future opportunities for cross-agency IT projects and how such projects are best managed.
Source: Network Government in New Zealand
Project Home URL: http://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/

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