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Capacity-Building in Conflict Management

Capacity-Building in Conflict Management

The management of disputes and conflict in society is one of the primary and enduring responsibilities of all governments and, therefore, one of the pre-eminent areas in which the UN can serve its Member States. One aspect of the increasing United Nations system-wide priority given to conflict prevention and management is the strengthening of the governance capacities of States to manage and regulate conflicts in constructive and non-violent ways. As such, several capacity-building projects are being undertaken to impart awareness and skills to government officials and their civil society counterparts, to assist them to anticipate and respond to crises, to work effectively in conflict-prone environments and to increase their ability to defuse tension and address the inequalities that may lead to violence. The projects involve strengthening governance institutions, enhancing mechanisms for participation, supporting the development of mediation facilities and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, and providing skills training to enrich national development policy and practice with conflict resolution principles, tools and techniques so as to better harness development as a vehicle for sustainable peace.
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