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Public Administration Country Profiles

Africa Asia &
the Pacific
Europe &
North America
Latin America
& Caribbean
Western Asia
  Algeria   Afghanistan   Albania   Antigua & Barbuda   Armenia
  Angola   Australia   Andorra   Argentina   Azerbaijan
  Benin   Bangladesh   Austria   Bahamas   Bahrain
  Botswana   Bhutan   Belarus   Barbados   Cyprus
  Burkina Faso   Brunei Darussalam   Belgium   Belize   Georgia
  Burundi   Cambodia   Bosnia & Herzegovina   Bolivia   Iraq
  Cameroon   China   Bulgaria   Brazil   Israel
  Cape Verde   Fiji   Canada   Chile   Jordan
  Central African Republic   India   Croatia   Colombia   Kuwait
  Chad   Indonesia   Czech Republic   Costa Rica   Lebanon
  Comoros   Iran, Islamic Rep.   Denmark   Cuba   Oman
  Congo   Japan   Estonia   Dominica   Qatar
  Cote d'Ivoire   Kazakhstan   Finland   Dominican Republic   Saudi Arabia
  Djibouti   Kiribati   France   Ecuador   Syrian AR
  DR Congo   Korea, DPR   Germany   El Salvador   Turkey
  Egypt   Korea, Republic   Greece   Grenada   United Arab Emirates
  Equatorial Guinea   Kyrgyz Republic   Hungary   Guatemala   Yemen
  Eritrea   Lao PDR   Iceland   Guyana    
  Ethiopia   Malaysia   Ireland   Haiti    
  Gabon   Maldives   Italy   Honduras    
  Gambia   Marshall Islands   Latvia   Jamaica    
  Ghana   Micronesia, FS   Liechtenstein   Mexico    
  Guinea   Mongolia   Lithuania   Nicaragua    
  Guinea-Bissau   Myanmar   Luxembourg   Panama    
  Kenya   Nauru   Macedonia, FYR of   Paraguay    
  Lesotho   Nepal   Malta   Peru    
  Liberia   New Zealand   Moldova, Republic   St. Kitts & Nevis    
  Libya   Pakistan   Monaco   St. Lucia    
  Madagascar   Palau   Netherlands   St. Vincent &
the Grenadines
  Malawi   Papua New Guinea   Norway   Suriname    
  Mali   Philippines   Poland   Trinidad & Tobago    
  Mauritania   Samoa   Portugal   Uruguay    
  Mauritius   Singapore   Romania   Venezuela    
  Morocco   Solomon Islands   Russian Federation        
  Mozambique   Sri Lanka   San Marino        
  Namibia   Tajikistan   Serbia & Montenegro        
  Niger   Thailand   Slovak Republic        
  Nigeria   Timor-Leste   Slovenia        
  Rwanda   Tonga   Spain        
  Sao Tome & Principe   Turkmenistan   Sweden        
  Senegal   Tuvalu   Switzerland        
  Seychelles   Uzbekistan   Ukraine        
  Sierra Leone   Vanuatu   United Kingdom        
  Somalia   Viet Nam   United States        
  South Africa                
  Sudan       Province of Kosovo        

All papers, statistics and materials contained in the Country Profiles express entirely the opinion of the mentioned authors. They should not, unless otherwise mentioned, be attributed to the Secretariat of the United Nations.

The designations employed and the presentation of material on maps in the Country Profiles do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the United Nations concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.

The Secretariat of the United Nations cannot be held responsible for the content of the sites to which it provides links or for the availability of servers or links. DPADM provides these links only as a service, and the inclusion of a link or reference does not imply the endorsement of the linked site by the Secretariat of the United Nations.

Notes on the Country Profiles
August 2005.
Comprehensive information is being compiled in order to complete the remaining countries.
The existing profiles will be continuously updated. On each cover page, a date indicates the last update.


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