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Canada Canada: Anti-virus Industry Gets ‘Clean Software’ Standard
How do you know whether your anti-virus software is protecting your staff properly? And can you be sure that it isn’t doing anything else that it shouldn’t be? The European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research (EICAR) is working with anti-virus vendors and labs on a voluntary quality certification standard to ensure that this software is up to par. It is also hoping to expand the standard to include other security product categories later in the year.
United States U.S.: Shared Services - A Key Part of a 21st Century Federal Cyber Strategy
The headlines have said it all: “OPM’s archaic IT infrastructure opened door for massive data breach” and invited “the ultimate wake-up call.” While Pearl Harbor and 9/11 analogies are strained, it cannot be denied that this stealth attack caught the government completely off-guard and flat-footed.
United States White House Wants Agencies to Prioritize Emerging Tech in Next Year's Budget
The White House plans to prioritize emerging technology and big data in the fiscal year 2017 budget, according to a memorandum published last week.
United States U.S.: NASA’s Top Watchdog Talks IT
From his start as a Greenville, S.C., beat reporter to his current role in the nation’s capital, NASA Inspector General Paul Martin has long made it his job to point out organizations’ uncomfortable shortcomings.
United States U.S.: How Government Can Get Better at Managing Big Programs
Even as federal agencies take on ever more complicated endeavors, they have been slow to adopt program management techniques common in the private sector, a new report concludes.
Canada Canada: Province Vowing to Fix Laws Governing Towns, Cities
There is no shortage of complaints about injustice and contradictions, and the province says it is serious about reform.
United States U.S.: State CIOs Struggle to Invest Properly, Report Says
Survey data from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers reveal an IT leadership faced with complex challenges.
United States U.S.: Not Just OPM -- Agency Cybersecurity Incidents on the Rise
The Office of Personnel Management breach affecting millions of federal employees and contractors has served to shine a bright spotlight on cyberattacks.
United States U.S.: Govonnect: Connecting the Talent Dots
A manager might need temporary talent on a project and doesn’t have it on his/her team. Energetic employees in other parts of the agency may have those skills and would like to share them as a way of broadening his/her professional experience. How can they connect?
United States U.S.: Defense Health Records, Fed Worker Survey, Pentagon IT Spending and More
In a new survey, 70 percent of federal executives say workforce duds are rarely or never given pink slips or even reassigned.
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