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United States U.S.: North Kansas City, Mo., Opens Gigabit Network to Public
After a decade of serving local businesses, the city is releasing business operation of its gigabit network to a private company.
United States U.S.: How Governments Use War Games to Prevent Future Catastrophes
On Oct. 13, the US and the UK will engage in a simulation of what would happen (paywall) if a large transatlantic bank went under.
United States U.S.: Governmentwide Cloud Contracting Efforts Missing Key Ingredients, IGs Find
Agencies are struggling to follow the rules around cloud computing.
United States U.S.: The High Cost of Federal Workforce Depression
Low employee morale adversely affects employee performance. When morale deteriorates, and it’s not addressed, at some point it transitions to what is best understood as workplace depression.
Canada Canada: Why Canada May Be Heading into a Food Security Crisis
There's growing concern about the availability and quality of Canadian food, and the fact that 4 million Canadians aren't getting proper nutrition.
Canada Canada: PM Calls Two Byelections for Nov. 17
Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Sunday set Nov. 17 for byelections in former finance minister Jim Flaherty’s riding of Whitby-Oshawa in Ontario and for the vacant Yellowhead seat in Alberta.
United States U.S.: White House Now Thinks Smaller Is Better for Cyber Bills
The White House still holds out hope for comprehensive cybersecurity legislation from Congress — just not a lot of hope.
United States U.S.: Smart City Integration - Why Open IT Architectures Are Key (Industry Perspective)
Few, if any, cities have put the Internet of Things to large-scale use, but with the continuing growth of cities and calls for sustainability, the adoption of smart city solutions will eventually be inevitable.
United States U.S.: Obama Comes Out Swinging Against Internet ‘Fast Lanes'
The president wants to prevent Internet providers from charging websites for faster speeds.
United States U.S.: Could Big-data Analytics Improve Federal Procurement?
Big data could be an important tool for federal procurement shops, but its usefulness depends on finding quality data and understanding how to use it to track vendor performance and pricing.
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