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United States US, China to Co-operate on Fighting Cybercrime
The US and China reached an agreement to cooperate on cybercrime during a state visit by Chinese president Xi Jinping to the US. The two sides have agreed to cooperate with requests to investigate cybercrimes, collect electronic evidence and mitigate malicious cyber activity emanating from their terrories.
United States US Global Connect to Promote Internet Access Worldwide
The US State Department has launched the Global Connect programme, aiming to bring 1.5 billion people online by 2020.
United States Obama Commits U.S. to New Development Goals at UN Summit
U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday committed the U.S. to achieving global development goals at a United Nations summit, vowing to reduce inequality and create opportunities around the world.
United States U.S.: World Leaders Pledge Drastic Cuts in Carbon Emissions
Leaders representing cities, states, state-equivalents and one country signed onto the “Under 2 MOU” in New York City on Thursday, along with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
Canada CA0927 Trade, Terror and Aid to Top Federal Leaders’ Foreign Policy Debate
Canada: Trade, Terror and Aid to Top Federal Leaders’ Foreign Policy Debate From trade deals to terror threats to helping the world’s poorest citizens, three federal political leaders will debate global issues Monday night.
Canada Canada: Up to $75-million Rural Dividend Will Help Smaller Communities
Acting on the recommendations from the Rural Advisory Council, Premier Christy Clark announced the up to $75-million Rural Dividend to assist communities transition their economies, during her speech to Union of British Columbia Municipalities’ delegates today.
United States U.S.: Future Technologies Must Be Designed to Free Us From Our Screen Addiction
Looking back at technology over the years, it’s funny how quaint the older stuff seems: From simple telephones to basic games, innovation used to focus on functionality, task and purpose.
United States U.S.: What Big Data Means for Human Subjects in Federal Research
New data analysis technology could help federally-funded researchers crunch more information, leading to scientific breakthroughs. But it could also potentially expose their human test subjects' personal information, a new proposal suggests.
United States U.S., China Find Some Common Cyber Ground
The U.S. and China didn’t come to a formal agreement on major cybersecurity issues during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the White House, but Xi and President Barack Obama did agree to put their nation’s intelligence officials into a twice-a-year dialogue on the issue.
United States U.S.: The Top 5 Cloud Questions from Government Agencies
The reduced cost, flexibility and scalability of the cloud have increasingly made it the cornerstone of government agency operations. Analyst firm IDC predicts nearly 90 percent of new spending on Internet and communications will be on cloud-based platforms in the next six years.
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