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Canada Canada: RCMP Sets ‘Ambitious’ Recruitment Target - 50% Women
Beginning next year, the RCMP is aiming for the first time to enroll just as many women as men in its training academy in Regina.
Canada How Big Data Saved the Democrats: What U.S. Elections Are Teaching Canadian Politicians
The federal election scheduled for October 2015 promises to be the “Big Data Election,” when the ability to use sophisticated analysis of electronic records to identify supporters and get them to the ballot box could prove decisive.
United States U.S.: White House Gives Agencies Lead Role in Combating ID Theft
White House wants the government to lead a nationwide effort to reduce identity theft and fraud.
United States U.S.: Public-Private Sector Pay Gap Remains at 35 Percent
Federal employees on average now earn 35.2 percent less their private-sector peers, according to the latest data analyzed by the Federal Salary Council.
United States U.S.: Officials Urged to Take Care with Social Media
As more government agencies and elected officials scramble to put the word out on social media some are learning the hard way that they might need to take a step back and rethink the way they use the sites.
Canada Canada: Information Sharing: Are We Safer?
After the Sept. 11 disaster, the lack of appropriate information sharing within the federal government community was highlighted as a key weakness by the 9/11 Commission.
United States U.S.: North Kansas City, Mo., Opens Gigabit Network to Public
After a decade of serving local businesses, the city is releasing business operation of its gigabit network to a private company.
United States U.S.: How Governments Use War Games to Prevent Future Catastrophes
On Oct. 13, the US and the UK will engage in a simulation of what would happen (paywall) if a large transatlantic bank went under.
United States U.S.: Getting Health Info to Low-Income Cellphone Users
The digital divide is shrinking, but that alone isn’t enough to help underserved populations, according to a blog post on the federal website for health data.
United States U.S.: 'A Changing View of Privacy'
Like their industry counterparts, federal agencies and their contractors are finding that monitoring social media to maintain IT and physical security can be frustrating, in part because of the lack of legal guidelines.
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