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Framework of Action for the Implementation of the Programme

In order to meet the objectives of this Programme, a number of activities have been undertaken within these six phases.

Phase 1:
Assessment of the state of the art of public administration and governance in the Euro-Mediterranean region. This aimed at assisting interested governments in identifying challenges and needs concerning in the reform process of governance and public administration.
Phase 2:
Identification of national, regional and sub-regional priorities and establishment of a framework of action for the promotion of exchange of innovative experiences. This serves to enhance the exchange of information and best practices in public administration through meetings, the establishment of a network of innovators, and a portal for the exchange of innovative experiences in public administration
Phase 3:
Sharing of best practices in public administration at the national, sub-regional and regional levels through meetings, the programme’s portal, and establishment of a network of innovators.
Phase 4:
Identification of strategies and criteria to implement best practices. This included preparation of guidelines for the transfer of innovation processes through conceptualisation and elaboration of tools and methods for the assessment and implementation of best practices,
Phase 5:
Identification of best practices in the region with potential of transferability. This includes the identification of a limited number of pilot projects to be implemented in selected countries to test transferability of best practices concerning innovation processes; and
Phase 6:
Evaluation and dissemination of the results of the project and rewarding innovation in public administration through the conferment of the Innovation in Public Administration Awards.
Activities implemented within the framework of the Programme 2003-2005
Download the Activities implemented within the framework of the Programme 2003-2005.


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