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Innovation and experimentation in central and local government, particularly in the area of service delivery, is taking place in different corners of the globe as part of governments' efforts to revitalize public administration. The exchange and sharing of these innovative experiences can create a body of "new knowledge" which may be accessed by countries all over the world.

A Technical Consultation was convened to present and discuss successful experiences and best practices in public administration and governance, and explore their potential for adaptation and replication in other contexts within the region. Senior government officials from the twenty-three countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region will attend this Meeting, as well as national and international experts. Tools and methodologies will be designed in order to effectively select, evaluate and transfer best practices.

Best practices focus on a number of areas, including:

• Strategic management of human resources

• Communication and partnerships: democratic participation

• Innovation in the delivery of social services

• Fiscal management innovation

• Public administration and private sector development

• Decentralisation

• Ethics and accountability in public management

National teams of innovators have been established and required to produce reports highlighting national experiences and innovative approaches.



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