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The objective of the United Nations Programme for Innovation in Public Administration in the Euro-Mediterranean region is to contribute to the improvement of governance systems in Northern Africa, and selected countries of the Middle East and the Balkan region, with a view to enhancing prosperity, peace and stability. In particular, the Programme aims at reinforcing the capacity of national governments, in terms of institutions, human resources, technological adequacy and financial management, to better cope with emerging national, regional and international challenges, as well as to respond more effectively to citizens’ demands and needs. Ultimately, the Programme intends to promote the progressive harmonization of public administration systems in the Mediterranean area in line with the Barcelona process established in 1995 as a means through which the European Union supports Mediterranean partners in their political, economic and social reforms.

In line with the overall goal of innovating public administration systems and governance in the Mediterranean region, and taking into account the existence of different administrative realities, systems, cultures and identities within the Euro-Mediterranean region, this programme devised a set of strategies to promote the effective exchange of innovative experiences in public administration among the partner countries.

By encouraging the sharing of knowledge and best practices, partner countries benefit from experiences and lessons learned in other areas of the region and develop cooperation models aimed at stimulating vertical (North-South) as well as horizontal (South-South) collaboration. In addition, the southern countries of the Euro-Mediterranean basin can gain a better knowledge of the decisional and administrative procedures, as well as legal framework of the European Union (EU). In the long term, they could receive assistance in the process of integration of their regulatory, procedural and decisional systems with those of the EU with the aim of achieving coordinated governance in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

In brief, the programme:

  • Strengthened the capacity of governments of the region to establish national and regional priorities in public administration, through national and regional reports and studies, as well as regional meetings;
  • Fostered synergies among existing programmes for the promotion of exchange of experiences in public administration innovation by preparing an inventory of governance programmes in the region;
  • Reinforced the capacity of governments and regional institutions to share information, knowledge and best practices in public administration innovation through the creation of a Network of Innovators, specific conferences and meetings, and an on-line portal accessible to all citizens across the Mediterranean countries;
  • Enhanced the capacity of governments to assess the validity, and transferability of best practices in public administration through the development of specific methodologies and tools, as well as training materials;
  • Enabled governments of the region to acquire knowledge and information on the usefulness of the programme and lessons learned through evaluation tools and an Award on Innovation in Public Administration in the Mediterranean Region. 
  • Promoted dissemination of knowledge and information on governance in the region.
  • Assists selected governments of the region to implement best practices and innovative experiences through pilot projects.


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