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    ITI-VITI- Virtual Learning
Summary: ITI - The Information Technology Institute ITI is a national institute established in 1993 by the Information and Decision Support Center IDSC It provides specialized software development programs to fresh graduates as well as professional training programs and IT courses for the Egyptian Governmen...
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    Government Portal Project
Summary: The main objective of the government portal in Angola is to bring all governmental public information and services under the same platform and to make them available to citizens via the internet Angolans can thus find information on government programs and are given the option to send their views a...
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    Zanzibar - The Collaborative Procurement Solution for UK Government
Summary: Zanzibar is the UK Government's strategic collaborative electronic procurement system developed by government organisations and OGC to optimise the process of purchasing goods and services and bring total transparency and real time visibility of public expenditure Zanzibar is operated as a secure ho...
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    Red de Gobierno Electronico de America Latina y del Caribe (RED GEALC)
Summary: RED GEALC the network of the e-government leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean was the result of the initiative of the countries of the Region supported by the Organisation of the American States OAS the Interamerican Development Bank IDB and the Institute for the Connectivity of the Americas ...
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    Web Portal for the Online Submission of the Tax Return Form
Summary: The design and development of the web site for the online submission of the tax return form are the results of a wider initiative started in the 1980s and further developed in its current form only in the 1990s The main purpose of the system is to provide taxpayers with the assistance needed when th...
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    Public Window
Summary: The Public Window is a window for transparency in public management aimed at strengthening democratic participation The widespread publicity surrounding corruption in the Fujimori government was a strong catalyst behind the creation of the Public Window The initial phase of the project enabled the i...
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    Procurement and Contracts Modernization Program
Summary: The State Procurement and Contracts Modernization Program of Uruguay aims to offer online information on all the Uruguayan State’s purchases One of the main products being developed is a site http://www.comprasestatales.gub.uy where the state’s procurement is published Besides the corresponding norm...
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    Accessible Information on Development Activities (AiDA) Initiative
Summary: The Accessible Information on Development Activities AiDA initiative is a component of the Development Gateway The Development Gateway facilitates information exchange and dialogue to support the following objectives • Improve governance public-sector donor and government transparency and effectiven...
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    dgMarket: A Government Tender Information System
Summary: The Development Gateway Foundation has developed an e-procurement tool called dgMarket a government tender information system available in 17 different languages It serves as an electronic marketplace for government procurement information such as tender notices contract awards and bidding documents...
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    Tributación Online: A Computerized Tax System
Summary: The National Superintendent of Tax Administration charged with the collection of taxes in Peru initiated a computerized tax system in an effort to make its operations more efficient by using ICTs In 2003 tax payments started to be accepted online In addition to tax administration telematics have als...
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    The Government Portal - PEC (El Portal del Estado Colombiano)
Summary: The government of Colombia made a serious commitment to e-government in 2000-01 mandating that all federal government agencies develop an Internet presence and creating a unit in the Office of the President to assist and monitor their progress The Colombian government also developed an Internet lega...
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    Online Tax System
Summary: The Internal Taxation Service of Chile is responsible for the collection of both individual and corporate taxes In 1998 it launched a new online tax service to replace its manual system for filing tax returns The new service was implemented using Oracle’s Internet-based technology It went through tw...
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    Chile Compra E-procurement System
Summary: Under ChileCompra the government e-procurement system of Chile companies that wish to do business with the public sector do not need to search through newspapers or the Web for information about bidding opportunities Instead they need only to register a single time in the areas in which they do busi...
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    Fife Direct Web Site
Summary: In the Scottish region of Fife an innovative project called Fife Direct is bringing about online collaboration between public-sector agencies and delivering services electronically to the public Fife Direct has a clear primary aim to use the Internet and new ICT to combat social disadvantage in the ...
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Summary: In São Paulo Brazil the state government has created Centers for attending the Citizens called Poupatempo TimeSaver The Poupatempo model brings together agencies at multiple levels including state municipal and federal government to provide services to citizens in a single location Public services s...
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    The E-procurement System
Summary: COMPRASNET is a Web-based on-line procurement system used by all the more than one thousand Federal Government procurement units It enables on-line price quoting and reverse auction commodity purchases The system automatically informs registered suppliers by e-mail and the supplier may download the ...
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    The Citizen Assistance Service Centers (SAC)
Summary: The state government of Bahia has created Citizen Assistance Service Centers SAC which bring together federal state and municipal agencies in a single location to offer the services that citizens most frequently use The centers have been placed in locations convenient to the public such as shopping ...
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    Time-saver Centres
Summary: In Sao Paulo Brazil the State government has created centres called Poupatempo time-saver centres to provide public services that traditionally have been delivered by disparate government agencies to citizens These centres have been placed in locations convenient to the public close to major public ...
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    Cristal Government Web Site
Summary: The mission of the Cristal government initiative is to disseminate online and in an easily understood format all information concerning the use of public funds in Argentina This includes information not only about the amounts of money devoted to different programmes but also about how these funds ar...
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    Customs Service Online
Summary: Bolivia’s National Customs has initiated an administrative reform and modernization process with a strong computer science component The computer science architecture introduced is centrally operated so that all the country’s customs and foreign trade operators are connected to the national office t...
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    Caribbean Pest Information Network (CariPestNet)
Summary: Plant pests are always present damaging crops grown for home consumption domestic markets or export Invasive alien species can spread from country to country and adversely affect agricultural production and biodiversity The Caribbean Pest Information Network CariPestNet is an e-mail network that ass...
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    Electronic Tax Payment System
Summary: The project to enhance the already-existing web site in order to enable the electronic payment of taxes started in October 2002 It took eight months for the web site to be fully operational The main objective of this solution is to enable the modernization of the management of the contributory syste...
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    The Official Website of New York City
Summary: The mission of NYC.gov - The Official New York City Web Site - is to provide the public with quick and easy access to information about New York City agencies programs and services The City's homepage also provides through links to external sites information about cultural educational and recreation...
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    Crime Alert Boston
Summary: Boston has become the latest -- and largest -- U.S city to launch a crime alert system designed to get the word out about murders bank robberies and other crimes to residents and businesses via e-mail text messaging and fax The system run by the Boston police and the Internet company CitizenObserver...
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    Washington DC Website Portal
Summary: The District of Columbia comprehensively expanded and redesigned its government web portal www.dc.gov to provide the District’s 575,000 residents 95,000 businesses and 19 million visitors a faster easier and richer avenue to the District’s wealth of information and services The portal features a set...
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    Home Application and Fulfillment System
Summary: For four decades the Ministry of Housing via its executing agencies provided homes for citizens using a manual application process As a consequence the Ministry could not accurately determine the number of persons in need of government housing the specific types of housing desired or the preferred l...
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    Government Communications Backbone
Summary: The Communications Backbone project of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago seeks to establish a communications infrastructure that enables all connected ministries and public-sector agencies to communicate and share information effectively and efficiently through its secure network It provides key...
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    City of Sunnyvale Web Site
Summary: The City of Sunnyvale developed a city web site to provide better customer service by using technology to allow customers to obtain permits and information on-line 24 hours a day seven days a week without having to visit or call City Hall The city web site serves the citizens by providing among othe...
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    The Tramitanet Portal
Summary: The Tramitanet Portal of Government of Mexico consists of an online catalog of approximately 2064 federal and state forms made available 24 hours a day 7 days a week For each form tramite included in the catalog information is provided regarding the basic procedural steps to be followed the required...
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    iHealthRecord: An Online Medical Record Programme
Summary: iHealthRecord an online health information resource launched in 2005 has great potential in terms of efficiency in case of emergency or simply when changing general practitioners The new system allows patients to see change and share medical records on the Internet through a service launched by a co...
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    Citizen Portal
Summary: The citizen portal is one of the most important lines of action of the Digital Government Strategy in Mexico Based on the President’s Good Government Agenda it incorporates the six strategic principles of executive power transparency low cost professionalization digitalization quality and improved r...
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    E-Mexico National System
Summary: The e-Mexico National System is focused on accelerating the integration of Mexico into the information society A technological system with social content and a “digital sharing” process it aims to break down the social economic and cultural divides and integrate all Mexicans through the services pro...
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    Requisition and Asset Visibility Tool – Birdtrack
Summary: PACFLT supports a large forward-deployed naval force PACFLT’s challenge is to optimize material positioning and re¬quisition fulfillment while maintaining fleet readiness for its area of responsibility which includes Japan Guam and the Republic of Korea PACFLT also provides assistance to the Marine ...
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    Jamaica Trade Point
Summary: Jamaica Trade Point is a new trade facilitation portal that serves as the following • A source of trade-related information where users can expect to receive information that most closely supports their trading activities such as information on air and sea transportation choices freight insurance an...
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    Real Time Crime Center
Summary: When New York City detectives respond to a homicide any piece of information can be critical to solving the crime And not only do detectives rely on the information they need it fast Quickly providing police with essential data is the goal of the city’s new Real Time Crime Center The 11 million Real...
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    Arkansas STAR: STreamline Auto Renewal
Summary: The STreamline Auto Renewal program STAR in Arkansas streamlines the automobile registration renewal process by linking insurance county property tax assessment and payment records online Before the implementation of STAR the automobile owner needed four separate forms to renew a registration Now th...
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    Online Customs Service
Summary: The Automated System for Customs Data ASYCUDA was developed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in 1981 for computerized customs management as part of an assistance programme to support improved compilation of trade statistics for its member States ASYCUDA was widely implemente...
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    Educator Licensure and Recruitment (ELAR) System
Summary: The Educator Licensure and Recruitment ELAR project was defined to expand and improve the pool of teachers in the Commonwealth by removing bureaucratic and technological roadblocks for prospective educators It is a critical component to help reshape license regulations and streamlining the applicati...
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    The Government On-line Initiative (GOL)
Summary: The Government On-Line Initiative has succeeded in making the Canadian government more and more connected to its citizens Throughout the initiative the objectives remained focused on providing clients with a more accessible government where information and services are organized according to clients...
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    Land Information System
Summary: Land Information Ontario LIO assists the public and private sectors to easily find access and use geographic information about Ontario recognizing that geographic information is used in a wide variety of applications by a variety of sources from emergency responses such as forest fires and planning ...
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    Oregon Helps project
Summary: Oregonhelps.org is a multilingual web-based tool that checks eligibility for 12 Oregon social service programs simultaneously It assists citizens who want to privately and confidentially check their potential eligibility before doing the application paperwork Oregonhelps.org can find out if the low-...
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    Border Clearance Service - CANPASS Air
Summary: CANPASS Air facilitates efficient and secure entry in Canada for pre-approved low-risk travelers This program allows members to meet their border clearance obligations by simply looking into a camera that recognizes the iris of the eye as proof of identity When entering Canada at participating airpo...
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    Commonwealth Access to Social Service
Summary: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services or COMPASS is the Department of Public Welfare's response to the increasing complexity of program delivery and accessibility to social services by providing online screening and applications for social service programs offered by the Commonwealt...
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    Vancouver.ca: Web Site of the City of Vancouver
Summary: The mission of the City of Vancouver is to create a great city of communities that cares about its people its environment and opportunities to live work and prosper Vancouver.ca is a comprehensive web site that attempts to meet this challenge The priority of the city was to develop a web site that c...
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    The Web Portal of the Finnish Government
Summary: The webportal of the Finnish Government was re-opened on 13 March 2006 after having been renewed as regards its technical implementation visual image and contents New functions include a press release subscription service an event calendar a larger image bank and materials of Government sessions ava...
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    Tyoelake.fi: Online Advice and Information on Pensions
Summary: The Web service Tyoelake.fi provided by the Finnish Centre for Pensions together with all the authorized pension providers comprises an extensive informative web site in three languages that is open to everyone The objective of developing the service is to create within the decentralized earnings-re...
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    TOM, Täna Otsustan Mina = Today I Decide
Summary: TOM is the first of Estonia’s attempts to start the discussion between the state and the society using the possibilities offered by modern ICT Transparency of the decision making process and improvement of the state-society dialogue can be achieved that way The key objective is not to provide an ele...
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    Special Citizen’s Web Portal
Summary: The objective of this project is to ensure the availability of a Web-based service for citizens and government staff to enable them to access one hundred government databases and registers These include ten large registers with thousands of local interactions a day The set of standard services avail...
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    The Nordpol.dk Website
Summary: www.nordpol.dk is an e-democracy web site inviting the citizens to participate in the political decision making process in the County of North Jutland Denmark The target groups of the project i.e citizens especially young citizens and politicians have been invited to take part in the project in all ...
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    My Account: Electronic Tax Payment
Summary: My Account implemented by the Canada Revenue Agency is a fast efficient and secure self-serve Internet application designed to provide Canadian taxpayers with a Web-based tool for accessing tax information and managing their personal income tax and benefit account online Using My Account through the...
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    Electronic Tender Handling, Information and Communications System
Summary: The Electronic Tender Handling Information and Communications System was developed by National Procurement Ltd Denmark SKI with the mission to coordinate procurement perform tenders and negotiate framework contracts on behalf of all Danish public agencies The system has been actively implemented sin...
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    Global ePolicy Resource Network (ePol-NET)
Summary: Championed by the Government of Canada Industry Canada the Global ePolicy Resource Network ePol-NET an initiative of the Group of Eight Digital Opportunities Task Force was officially launched under the auspices of the United Nations ICT Task Force during the World Summit on the Information Society ...
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    Internet-based Tobacco Control Network
Summary: When traditional media such as television and newspapers refused to publish anti-tobacco information an Internet-based demonstration project was used to reach decision-makers and the general public The World Bank InfoDev programme enabled the United States-based Center for Communications Health and ...
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    Electronic Information System for Civil Registration and Administrative Services
Summary: The electronic information system of the Department of Civil Registration and Administrative Services stores personal data for all Bulgarian citizens Web access to stored data for government staff is the primary service of the system and contributes to a seamless government If required by their job ...
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    Open Source Distance Learning Web Portal for Judges and Prosecutors
Summary: The Centre for Education of Judges and Prosecutors in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a government institution that is part of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council Established in January 2004 to enhance the capacities of the judicial sector by deploying and coordinating training and seminars in the...
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    Vlaams Integratie Platform (Flemish Integration Platform)
Summary: Currently the different administrative entities within the Flemish administration more than 80 in total use their own data sources and have their own administrative procedures and information technology processes for collecting commonly used information on citizens and companies This results in a la...
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    Social Security Network
Summary: This case is an example of the re-engineering of a major business process that was carried out by about 2,000 social security institutions Their close collaboration led to the implementation of a network for electronic information exchange which includes public and private institutions from differen...
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    Electronic Identity Card
Summary: In October 2002 the Government of Belgium launched the project Electronic Identity Card eID Card which is a smart card that provides authentication and digital signature capabilities for Belgian citizens The card is used to secure applications ranging from online income tax returns and medical sched...
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    Vienna Citizen’s Request Management (VCRM)
Summary: The system vCRM has been set up to handle not only complaints but also all kinds of requests ideas and comments The vCRM is based on and can be accessed via the Internet including public access terminals This guarantees instant interaction quick response and enhanced transparency in dealing with iss...
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    The Central Register of Residence (CRR)
Summary: Emphasis in this good practice case will be given to theis about the provision of two most relevant services for citizens and businesses the certificate of residence which is a proof of regular residence andthat is required by many institutions and the registry information service These services are...
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    Online Labour Market
Summary: The online labour market available at www.emploiquebec.net is a unique universal and free Web counter with the aim of full employment in Quebec Through online placements it provides access to placement services that support and facilitate the encounter between employers and job seekers Indeed by mea...
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    Canadian Consumer Information Gateway
Summary: With information from more than 450 governments and NGO partners the Canadian Consumer Information Gateway is Canada’s most extensive online source of inter-jurisdictional information for consumers Owing to a pioneering approach to multi-jurisdictional partnership consumers can cut across federal/pr...
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    Employment Insurance
Summary: Employment Insurance programme is responding to the needs of Canadians for better faster and more convenient services on the Internet It has undertaken a number of service transformation projects to improve the quality speed and accessibility of service by putting in place a suite of electronic clie...
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    The E-petitioning System
Summary: The e-petitioning project was part of the “Information communication and citizenship” strand of the Local e-Democracy National Project involving English local authorities and funded by the UK Government Office of the Deputy Prime Minister It aimed to explore e-petitioning as a way for citizens to ra...
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    eVoting System
Summary: Sheffield is currently engaged in a three-year election modernization program that uses state-of-the-art technology to make it easier and more convenient for citizens to engage with government Voters could vote by their chosen method internet free-phone telephone sms text messaging public access kio...
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    E-services for South Yorkshire - e@sy Connects
Summary: Not all citizens are able to access information and services on traditional computing platforms such as the Internet South Yorkshire has a low population of PC’s within households therefore necessitating the successful exploitation of alternative channels for the delivery of e-government Electronic ...
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    Wireless Devices for Parking Controls
Summary: Liverpool City Council introduced a new system of parking enforcement throughout Liverpool in July 2002 This involved the transfer of power for enforcing waiting restrictions from Merseyside Police to the local authority The Liverpool City Council's main aim is to effectively manage Liverpool's on-s...
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    Local E-democracy National Project
Summary: The Engage project is a recent offshoot from a number of overlapping strands within the Local E-democracy National Project It is primarily a Web-based community consultation toolkit designed to enable locally elected representatives and local government officers to communicate and engage with their ...
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Summary: Directgov was launched as an independent service in April 2004 As government’s primary electronic channel to citizens regarding government services it aims to be the one place to which citizens turn for the latest and widest range of public services By breaking down the artificial barriers created b...
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    3 Islands Partnership Project
Summary: The 3 Islands Partnership project was developed as an innovative approach using an integrated combination of e-technologies to improve public service access to the citizens living on the remote and peripheral islands of Colonsay Islay and Jura which are part of the Argyll and Bute administrative are...
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    Geneva E-voting System
Summary: The State of Geneva is working on an internet voting solution and organizing official on-line ballots on a regular basis The E-voting project involves a complex and highly secure system of servers and databases that are used to verify the identity of the voter and protect their privacy and the integ...
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    SUSTAINS (Support Users To Access Information and Services)
Summary: SUSTAINS Support Users To Access Information and Services is a system that can be considered as analogous to Internet banking but for health care Instead of an “Internet Bank Account” the user has a “Health Care Account” Here the user patient can read essential information from his medical record He...
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    Swedish National Labour Market Board
Summary: The Swedish National Labour Market Board web site offered services for job seekers employers and their businesses In 1995 the Swedish National Labour Market Board launched The Vacancy Bank where all vacancies reported to the employment offices in Sweden were published on the Web The vacancies have ...
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    Virtual Customs Office
Summary: The profession of customs officer is one of the longest-established professions in the world full of traditions and values However the world continuously moves on and so must European customs administrations in order to keep up with demands and adopt the working methods and levels of service deliver...
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    Informe ZABALIK
Summary: Zabalik which means ‘open’ in the Basque language is basically an electronic mail distribution list offering to any citizen association or institution free information and direct access to all the documentation contained in the databases of the Basque Parliament regarding the parliamentary initiativ...
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    CAT365 Citizens’ Portal
Summary: Currently there is a great deal of information about available resources and services that deal with the range of options that a citizen has for studying and training However the opportunities although wide ranging and of good quality are distributed across different web sites depending on a set of ...
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Summary: The APONTE project carried out in Galicia northwest Spain and northern Portugal focused on introducing ICT new technologies in rural areas The overall approach was to analyse the advantages of using ICT in secondary schools APONTE experimented with two main approaches to content design a constructiv...
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    Modernization Programme 2004
Summary: Castile and Leon constitutes the second largest region in Europe representing 9 provinces 2,249 municipalities and nearly 2.5 million inhabitants In 2003 the Public Employment Service of Castile and Leon Ecyl was designed and launched Ecyl is responsible for carrying out activities that promote empl...
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    The Electronic System for Public Acquisitions - E-licitatie
Summary: E-licitatie is a nation-wide governmental web portal for procurement in Romania where government clients and private sector vendors can interact after being authenticated into the system The system covers a broad range of procurement from the purchase of office supplies for some schools to services ...
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    Complex Computer System (KSI) for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
Summary: The KSI ZUS - comprehensive IT system developed by Prokom Software SA for ZUS - focuses on pension reform with a multi-channel secure system for filing pension information that involves citizen-to-government business-to-government and allows intermediaries to work on behalf of citizens and businesse...
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    Integrated Customs Duty and Tax System
Summary: This programme supports the implementation of an integrated customs duty and tax system for Polish Customs It comprises several discrete projects covering activities such as ZEFIR a budget accounting and tax/customs settlement system and CELINA a declaration processing system that includes validatio...
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    Municipality Meeting Online
Summary: In collaboration with the Municipality of Eindhoven and Omroep Eindhoven Noterik developed the Municipality Meeting Online application Council meetings are transmitted live over the Internet with unique media features providing citizens and journalists with new ways to interact with local politician...
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    The e-Government Code (eGC)
Summary: ICT have always been considered key not only for the automation of public services and in so doing for the increase of efficiency and effectiveness of public procedures but also for facilitating the simplification as well as the transparency of the relationship between public administration and citi...
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    DigitAlexandria Scientific Digital Archives
Summary: The goal of DigitAlexandria is to assist and power the work of scientific research allowing a faster and more effective accomplishment of tasks like the creation of institutional archives self-archiving bibliographical research remote collaboration communication and publishing DigitAlexandria for in...
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    Auto E-counter Registration System
Summary: Auto e-counter is a gateway to enable access to services and information relating to car registration and ownership It is the first comprehensive exercise of collaboration between public and private organizations in the field of e-government implemented on a nationwide scale Auto e-counter has the c...
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    Regional Network of Piedmont Schools
Summary: The Regional Network of Piedmont Schools project aims to overcome the digital divide in the educational field through the use of ICT in the schools The project was born out of the will and enthusiasm of local institutions and is strongly supported by a foundation linked to an Italian bank It meets t...
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    Single Regional Centre for Health Services Booking
Summary: The Single Regional Centre for Health Services Booking RECUP is a single centralized system for booking health services through multi-user software It involves the whole regional health structure that is both public and private health structures that provide specialized services as well as those ope...
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    The e-Enabled Child
Summary: The e-Enabled child benefit service in Ireland supports the automatic and proactive allocation of a child’s Personal Public Service PPS Number and the initiation of the child benefit claim after the registration of the birth of a child This eliminates the need for customers to furnish a birth certif...
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    Dublin City Information Gateway
Summary: The www.dublin.ie web portal is an information gateway for Dublin City where citizens can access services in the city obtain information establish their own web presence and influence policy decisions It attempts to provide citizens with interactive access to a range of services information and prod...
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    Inter-Agency Messaging Service
Summary: REACH is an agency established by the Government of Ireland to develop the infrastructure for the integration and improvement of services to customers of the public service In particular it is mandated to build or procure the Public Services Broker an integrated set of processes systems and procedur...
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    E-enabling Life Event Data
Summary: E-enabling Life Event Data is a project that aims among other things to modernize and computerize the civil registration process involving the recording of all life events – births stillbirths adoptions marriages and deaths – that occur in the State There are approximately 104,000 life events regist...
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    Citizen Service Centres
Summary: The Citizen Service Centres KEP in Greek have been created with the objective of simplifying traditionally complex bureaucratic procedures in the relationship between government services and Greek citizens They belong to a wide national project funded by national and European resources for the intro...
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    Business Incubator
Summary: The business incubator located in Kecskemét supports local and regional start-ups and growing businesses in Bács-Kiskun County through the critical period by offering a supportive sharing environment It provides modern ICT infrastructure including integrated services digital network telephones asymm...
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    The Virtual Assistant - Clara
Summary: When the health reform came into force on January 1 2004 there were still many questions left unanswered for German citizens The Federal Ministry of Health reacted to address the lack of available information virtual assistant Clara has been online at www.die-gesundheitsreform.de since February to a...
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    Online Civil Registration
Summary: The project MOIN is a regional online registration system in Lower Saxony It is a part of the XMeld project framework which aims at the formulation of basic principles in order to provide standards for the communication between citizen and public administration as well as among public administration...
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    Bremen Online Services
Summary: The project involving the creation of Bremen Online Services was undertaken in response to the need by the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen to reform its public administration and reduce operating costs quite quickly E-government applications represent a solution that not only helps to increase the eff...
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    Service-Public Local Platform
Summary: Approved by the Government of France on 15 November 2001 the project is the result of a partnership between la Documentation française Prime Minister’s department and editor of service-public.fr and la Caisse des dépots public finance body whose remit is local development The purpose of the partners...
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    Web Site of the City of Issy-les-Moulineaux
Summary: At the instigation of its Mayor André Santini former Minister and Member of Parliament Issy-les-Moulineaux a city of 63,000 inhabitants located southwest of Paris adopted a Local Information Plan in 1996 transforming Issy-les-Moulineaux into a cyber-city at the forefront of e-democracy and e-governm...
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    Bhoomi: The Online Delivery of Land Titles
Summary: The Department of Revenue in Karnataka has computerized 20 million records of land ownership of 6.7 million farmers in the state Previously farmers had to seek out the Village Accountant to get a copy of the Record of Rights Tenancy and Crops RTC -- a document needed for many tasks such as obtaining...
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    The E-district
Summary: The Tiruvarur district of TamilNadu had accomplished near total automation of the field level government functioning in Taluk offices District Rural Development Agency DRDA Collectorate Block offices Town Panchayat Office and Regional Transport Office Land record administration rural development sch...
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    FRIENDS: The Online Citizen Payment
Summary: FRIENDS Fast Reliable Instant Efficient Network for Disbursement of Services centres offer a one-stop front-end IT-enabled payment counter facility to citizens to make all kinds of government payments in the state of Kerala in South India The payments that citizens can make at the counters include u...
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    Central Vigilance Commission Website
Summary: In an effort to propagate the idea of zero tolerance for corruption the Central Vigilance Commission CVC in India has begun to share with citizens a large amount of information related to corruption The CVC website has published the names of officers from the elite administrative and revenue service...
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    Gyandoot: Community-owned Rural Intranet Kiosks
Summary: The Gyandoot project was launched on January 1 2000 with the installation of a low-cost rural Intranet covering 20 village information kiosks in five Blocks of the district Later 11 more kiosks were set up Gyandoot is recognized as a breakthrough in e-government demonstrating a paradigm shift that g...
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    Tender Notice Information System
Summary: The Department of Administrative Reforms publishes details of tender notices on the Internet via the Tender Notice Information System of the Government of Delhi Since the information is posted on the web site there is no need for departments or government bodies to follow up with the Information Tec...
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    Public Distribution Management Systems
Summary: Through the Public Distribution Management Systems project the preparation of below-poverty-level and above-poverty-level ration cards was computerized In addition FSS headquarters and district offices were computerized for the preparation of reports/ration cards about 432,000 below-poverty-level ca...
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    Management Information System for Education
Summary: The Management Information System for Education serves mainly as a means of adding/editing details about schools/employees searching for schools/employees online transferring relieving and joining of employees and generating various reports It can also be used to issue appointment orders transfer or...
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    Computerized Bus Pass System
Summary: The Computerized Bus Pass System of the Delhi Transport Corporation launched the computerization of bus passes through which bus passes/photo ID cards can be issued or renewed from any of the computerized Bus Pass Centres Since the introduction at Scindia House 35 Bus Pass Centres have been computer...
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    Web-based Blood Bank Management System
Summary: The Web-based Blood Bank Management System of the Department of Health and Family Welfare provides the stock of blood for different groups in the various blood banks as well as online registration to people who are willing to donate blood The details of blood donation camps are also available in the...
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    The Official Website of the City of Shanghai
Summary: As the general platform for message distribution of all the city agencies under Shanghai municipality “China Shanghai” government official website opens a window for all the city agencies to connect their intranets with the world The key tasks of “China Shanghai” are to transfer and release the mess...
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Summary: E-Vienna a practical framework for the implementation of e-government solutions is the follow-up project of Wiener Viennese Electronic Commerce It is the current umbrella project for e-government of the Municipal Administration of the City of Vienna The project started at the beginning of 2001 with ...
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    HELP: A Virtual Guide to Austrian Authorities and Institutions
Summary: HELP – www.help.gv.at – is an initiative of the Federal Chancellery A virtual guide to Austrian authorities offices and institutions it offers citizens information about official procedures deadlines and fees and makes forms available for downloading To support this initiative a large number of serv...
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    The Official Website of Hong Kong
Summary: The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region SAR established a website with the main aim of delivering more efficient and effective services to its citizens and to facilitate the access and sharing of information The Homepage of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region HKSAR Gove...
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    Hong Kong Policing Disease
Summary: In March 2003 a highly infectious disease caused by an unknown virus broke out in Hong Kong The World Health Organisation WHO termed this new disease Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS in short SARS soon became a major threat to international public health and safety To bring the outbreak und...
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    Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) Scheme
Summary: The Electronic Service Delivery ESD Scheme is a key initiative under the Digital 21 Information Technology Strategy of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to provide online public services The ESD Services Limited ESDSL is the contractor engaged by the Government through an...
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Summary: Armenia was the second country in the world to create and launch an e-visa program Australia was the first The demand for Armenian visa requests increases each year – during 2004 visitors from over 90 different countries traveled to Armenia – however it has not been possible to correspondingly incre...
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    The Online Business Service
Summary: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City each launched Web development projects for business service agencies in 2000 The two web sites Hanoi Ministry of Planning and Investment and Ho Chi Minh Department of Planning and Investment are designed to serve as the first point of contact for potential investors especi...
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    Zhongguancun Business E-Park
Summary: Zhongguancun E-Park is a pilot project that applies the latest computer and Internet technologies to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of government The E-park has applied the latest computer and Internet technology to build a common administrative platform that connects all government depar...
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    E-Tax Filing
Summary: As part of the departmen's strategy to collect more taxes it makes paying taxes easier for taxpayers The idea is simple enough the easier it is to pay taxes the more people will do it and the more money can be collected Key changes include a comprehensive database “e-Taxinfo” “e-Service” and online ...
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    A Government Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) - eBAS
Summary: The DGBAS is the highest budget accounting and statistics authority in Taiwan Province of China BAS offices for other central organizations and local governments are established by DGBAS with the size and the staff of each office dependent on their duties There are 3,930 BAS offices with a combined ...
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    People First Network (PFnet)
Summary: The People First Network PFnet was initiated by the UNDP/United Nations Office for Project Services participatory development and institutional strengthening project Solomon Islands Development Administration and Participatory Planning Programme The objective of the network is to improve rural commu...
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    The BizFile System
Summary: The BizFile System is the first fully electronic filing government project in Asia Pacific and amongst the world pioneers to allow members of the public to perform filing of all legally prescribed business/company forms for the purposes of registration and statutory disclosure requirements online wi...
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    The Singapore ONE: Universal Access to Broadband
Summary: Launched in 1998 Singapore ONE is a collaborative effort between the government and the industry to enable the roll-out of a nationwide broadband infrastructure and encourage the development of interactive broadband multimedia applications and services accessible through this high-speed high-capacit...
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    Information Network for the Dissemination of Agricultural Technology (NJ110 Project)
Summary: NJ110 is a project that involves the use of ICTs to build an information network by modifying and updating an existing system for the dissemination of agricultural technologies Originating as a 24-hour telephone hotline providing farmers with information on market conditions and agricultural technol...
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    Real Estate Information System
Summary: The Real Estate Information System REALIS launched by the Urban Redevelopment Authority URA is a real estate information portal that provides enormous savings in time and costs REALIS has enabled flash estimates of a property price index Customers do not need to retrieve data from various sources or...
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    Tianfu Agriculture Information Network
Summary: One of the major issues facing the province of Sichuan was that over 25 per cent of its yearly produce had to be dumped in the fields and/or wasted because the produce was not being sold in time In addition farmers had to deal with outdated seeds expired fertilizers and contagious diseases because t...
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    Online Application System for Integrated Services
Summary: The Online Application System for Integrated Services is an innovative cross-agency project that spans more than 30 government agencies It focuses on cutting red tape for licences and making the application for licences efficient more affordable and hassle free for businesses especially for start-up...
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    The electronic Birth Registration Information System (BRIS)
Summary: Birth registration is seen as a fundamental right for all children and is part of the mandate of Rajshahi City Corporation RCC one of the oldest municipalities in Bangladesh Although birth registration has been carried out since the inception of RCC the data was all registered manually and the manua...
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    Home Office Scheme
Summary: The Urban Redevelopment Authority URA has implemented an e-commerce application with convenient e-payment modes such as Visa and MasterCard credit cards and American Express Card Internet Banking Direct Debit to enable customers to complete the entire e-service from registration to instantaneous del...
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    Electronic Development Application Module
Summary: One key function of the Urban Redevelopment Authority is development control to facilitate the physical development of Singapore in accordance with the Master Plan In November 1999 URA launched the electronic development application EDA system The system enables users to submit development applicati...
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    Bahrain eVisa System
Summary: The Bahrain eVisa System is an online application service for the payment and processing of visas for travel to Bahrain The application connects to General Directorate of Nationality Passports and Residence systems and databases in order to automate visa procedures and monitor each visa application ...
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    E-consultation Module
Summary: The E-consultation module launched by the Urban Redevelopment Authority URA uses the Internet and Web technology extensively to reach out to citizens and industry partners to ensure that the physical planning of Singapore incorporates feedback and various perspectives and concerns All key URA events...
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    Car Park Portal
Summary: The Urban Redevelopment Authority URA set up the Car Park portal to enable motorists to obtain information and make transactions on all parking-related e-services Since January 2002 motorists have been able to go online to make season parking ticket applications renew season parking tickets and make...
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    Ministry of Hajj Portal
Summary: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plays an important role as host to Muslim visitors worldwide who come to perform a ritual pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah and to visit Madinah and other sites of religious significance throughout the Kingdom Issuing visas and provisioning facilities to these travell...
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    Customs Service Online
Summary: Using an “off-the-shelf” customs application package as the main building block the Philippines Customs Bureau has developed an on-line system to process clearance of imports payment of duty and delivery of release orders for shipments to leave the docks The Bureau implemented a standard software pa...
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    The Seagoing Containers Import System
Summary: The project of Seagoing Containers Import System is the first joint IT project between different agencies in New Zealand It helps provide biosecurity clearance for sea containers with the introduction of an electronic interface It aims to improve the risk-profiling of sea containers and reduce compl...
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    Regional Information Centers (RICs)
Summary: Information and Communication Technologies ICTs are playing an increasingly important role in Azerbaijan’s social economic and political development At the present time the ICT sector is one of the most rapidly developing in the country and is receiving growing attention from a number of national an...
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    Victoria - The Land Channel website
Summary: The property market is one of the critical industries for creating wealth and growth in the State of Victoria It is estimated that the market operates on an average annual turnover of A$44 billion However the system currently in place for the delivery of information and transactions is still relativ...
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    PROBE: Delivering Broadband to Rural Schools
Summary: The Project PROBE Provincial Broadband Extension has been developed jointly by the Ministry of Education MoE and the Ministry of Economic Development The project’s objective is to roll out broadband to all schools and communities that do not have access to broadband communications and secondly to en...
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    Upper Hutt City Council Web Site
Summary: Prior to the online service provided by the Upper Hutt City Council people visited the Council and asked for a “property packet” that is a paper-based file containing information on the property in which they were interested Significantly 60 per cent of Upper Hutt residents work outside the area and...
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    Early Childhood Development Web Site
Summary: Early Childhood Development ECD staff throughout New Zealand provide advice support and information about early childhood education and parenting to parents early childhood centres playgroups and the wider community ECD staff typically work with many agencies and stakeholders coordinating and devel...
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    Malaysia smart card (national ID card)
Summary: The Government of Malaysia and the Government of Multi-purpose Card GMPC a consortium of five internationally prominent technology suppliers developed and implemented “MyKad” – a multipurpose digital application card for all citizens over the age of 12 MyKad deployment began in May 1999 and had its ...
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    Electronic Labor Exchange (ELX)
Summary: The Electronic Labour Exchange ELX is an application under the Multimedia Super Corridor Flagship Electronic Government Project It is a one-stop center for Malaysian labour market information to enable employers and job seekers to communicate electronically on the same platform ELX comprises three ...
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    The Official Website of the city of Seoul
Summary: The website of the City of Seoul is widely recognized not only for its efficiency in providing relevant information but also for the level of citizens’ participation that it offers which seems to be higher than most of municipal websites The website provides citizens with opportunities to participat...
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    The Get Involved Website
Summary: As part of its decision-making process the Queensland Government wants to hear the many different views of Queenslanders The Get involved website is about connecting Queenslanders with their government It allows the citizens to contribute in a fast easy and secure way to government decisions that ma...
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    Online Procedures Enhancement for Civil Applications
Summary: For a direct and convenient interface with the citizens the Seoul Municipal Government created an Internet portal called Online Procedures Enhancement for Civil Applications or OPEN symbolizing that it opens up administrative procedures to the public The system publishes information relating to the...
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    The Official Website of Sydney
Summary: The City of Sydney website is built to provide access for a widening variety of newer technologies and web browsers including assistive technologies for the Internet The City of Sydney website contains a wealth of information on Sydney culture government business history tourism and events For most ...
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    The Australian JobSearch
Summary: JobSearch is a suite of online employment services that are delivered at no charge to job seekers employers Job Network members and recruitment agencies The aim of JobSearch is to increase the exposure of local vacancies to the national labour market The service was introduced in late 1996 and is de...
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Summary: The eVisa program delivers extensive functionality via the Internet enabling applicants to lodge applications online without the need to submit a paper-based application and in many cases without providing supporting documentation It allows them to enquire about the status of their application and t...
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    Public Procurement Service
Summary: The Public Procurement Service provides around 30,000 public institutions with goods and services needed to carry out their responsibilities and give better service to the people Formerly however the procurement administration had cumbersome procedures such as an enormous number of required documen...
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Summary: The Australian Taxation Office ATO initiated the e-tax program in January 1997 It is one of the first applications in the world to be offered by a revenue service and one of the first of its type to use Public Key Infrastructure PKI technology and Internet transmission The initiative addressed conce...
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    Government for Citizen (G4C) Civic Service Innovation System
Summary: The Government for Citizen G4C civic service innovation system an integrated Internet portal site www.egov.go.kr has been promoted by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs The system has been designed to • Serve as the foundation for various e-government services such as a digi...
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    The Electronic Filing System (eFiling)
Summary: Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui / Style Definitions / table.MsoNormalTable mso-style-name:"Table Normal mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0 mso-tstyle-colband-size:0 mso-style-noshow:yes mso-style-priority:99 mso-style-qformat:yes mso-styl...
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    Cyber Policy Forum
Summary: To increase citizen participation in the municipality the Seoul Metropolitan Government has employed many tools Diverse civil organizations and committees have been formed to represent citizens interests and to promote citizens’ engagement in the policy-making process Programmes such as Dates with ...
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    E-Japan Strategy (E-government)
Summary: In January 2001 the ICT Strategy Headquarters adopted the e-Japan Strategy which envisaged Japan’s becoming the world’s most advanced ICT nation within five years Promoting administrative reform through the use of ICT in the public sector is featured in the strategy which also includes the followin...
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    The Information Village – Pondicherry
Summary: The Information Village Project is an ICT- based rural development programme implemented in the Union Territory of Pondicherry of south India in 1998 by the Chennai-based M S Swaminathan Research Foundation MSSRF with the support of the International Development Research Centre IDRC Canada In order ...
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    e-Seva Centers
Summary: This project which is run by the West-Godavari District Administration in Andhra Pradesh State India has established Web-enabled rural ‘e-Seva Centres’ run by self-help groups of women from the poorest segments of society The aim is to help them achieve economic independence It is also an attempt t...
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Summary: India has more than 600,000 villages housing two-thirds of its people earning one-fourth of the national income Villages are desperate for appropriate services at affordable cost from education to market access from telecom to healthcare from financial intermediation to entertainment and the non-av...
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    The web site for the Directorate of Commercial Taxes
Summary: The Directorate of Commercial Taxes is the largest revenue earning setup of the Government of West Bengal The functions of the Directorate of Commercial Taxes are the qualification of tax liability and collection of tax The Commercial Tax Information System has been implemented by the Directorate to...
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    The Electronic Filing System (eFiling)
Summary: The Federal Court of Australia was the first court in Australia to introduce electronic filing The Electronic Filing System eFiling is the public’s main electronic interface for lodging applications and supporting documentation to the court eFiling also accepts credit card payments for filing fees T...
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    The Vijaywada Online Information Center (VOICE)
Summary: The Vijayawada Online Information Centre VOICE has been established to provide computing infrastructure at Vijayawada Municipal Corporation and for the setting up of Information Kiosks at important public locations in the city of Vijayawada to benefit the local public VOICE was launched in June 1998...
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    LokMitra - the Web-enabled Government-Citizen Interface
Summary: The Government of Himachal Pradesh is committed to providing the general public especially living in distant rural areas of the State with the benefits of “Using Information Technology IT in Governance E-government)” at their doorstep The Web-enabled Government-Citizen Interface named as LokMitra is...
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    The Australian Government Tender System (AusTender)
Summary: AusTender formerly known as the Commonwealth Electronic Tender System CETS is a web-based e-tendering facility operating as a pilot system It provides for the publishing of Australian Government open business opportunities download of tender documentation and upload of tender responses in a secure o...
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Summary: Khajane is a turnkey project that involved the intensive computerisation of all the 220 treasuries in the state of Karnataka and their connection to a central server at the State Secretariat in Bangalore and at a disaster recovery centre at Dharwad a large town in northern Karnataka through a satell...
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    The Exam Results web portal
Summary: The practice of using the World Wide Web as a medium to publish examination results is not new especially in countries with a high rate of Internet usage The concept picked up in India during the past 4-5 years with the increased proliferation of the Web and its reach into the Indian homes and cyber...
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    Dairy Information System Kiosk (DISK)
Summary: Milk production is important to India as milk is one of the main sources of proteins and calcium for a largely vegetarian population In recent years the milk co-operative movement initiated by India's National Dairy Development Board NDDB has led to a substantial increase in milk production in India...
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    Computerization of Passport Issuance System
Summary: The computerization of passport offices at RPO Delhi was entrusted to NIC as a pilot project during 1989 It has been extended to various other passport offices over the subsequent years Presently all the 30 passport offices all over India have been computerized The computerization of the individual ...
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    The Customer Services Online (Centrelink)
Summary: Centrelink delivers services to 6.3 million customers on behalf of 20 client agencies through an extensive service delivery network It is committed to offering customers a wider range of options for accessing services with extended contact hours and help to access the options most appropriate to the...
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    The Computerized Interstate Check Posts (CICs)
Summary: Interstate check posts exist in all states of India The primary function of a check post is to check whether road tax has been paid for each vehicle The secondary function is to check vehicles for overloading The Regional Transport Offices Inspectors stationed at the check post are authorized to ch...
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    Virtual Souk
Summary: Artisans in the Middle East and North Africa MENA have always crafted high-quality products using traditional techniques and ancestral know-how However shrinking local markets and difficulties in gaining access to more lucrative markets have led to a gradual disappearance of culturally rich crafts a...
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    Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Project (Akshaya)
Summary: Akshaya - or perpetuating prosperity - marked the beginning of a driven to ‘Bridge the Digital Divide’ by enabling thousands of ordinary citizens access relevant information in Malayalam over the Internet Starting at the grass-roots level in panchayats the project nucleated a robust digital network...
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    The Business Entry Point (BEP)
Summary: The Business Entry Point BEP is an initiative that seeks to reduce the burden of government compliance on business It provides a simple and convenient access to all the government information transactions and services needed It is a whole-of-government service providing essential information on plan...
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    Agricultural Marketing Information Network –AGMARKNET
Summary: In a Country like India with 70 of its population living in villages and depending on agriculture as their main occupation accurate and timely information about the market prices of the agricultural commodities is of extreme significance Agricultural marketing in India is undergoing a significant m...
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    Brisbane City Council Green Home
Summary: The Brisbane City Council Green Home project provides visitors with an online three-dimensional 3D interactive house that illustrates the City Council’s key messages about household sustainability It is the first Government of Australia-sponsored interactive learning object to use 3D technology in ...
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    Information Management Initiative
Summary: Various activities have been undertaken to facilitate access to cost-effective infrastructure for government agencies They include • Fedlink a virtual private network for electronic communication between government agencies It can operate securely across all infrastructures including the Internet to...
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    Wired Village” Project: Facilitating the Sugar Cane Production Process
Summary: The Warana “Wired Village” project in India is an example of the adoption of ICT by a rural community in the state of Maharashtra India There the local cooperative is using ICT to streamline the operations connected with sugar cane growing and harvesting The project aims in fact at giving villagers...
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    Mapping Malaria Risk in Africa
Summary: Malaria is one of the leading causes of death in Africa Ninety per cent of the global deaths attributed to malaria occur in sub-Saharan Africa Detailed mapping of malaria risk and endemicity has never been done in Africa Accurate estimates of the burden of malaria at the regional or district level r...
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    Acacia Initiative: Communities and the Information Society in Africa
Summary: Acacia is an initiative of the Canadian International Development Research Centre IDRC that helps sub-Saharan African communities to develop the ability to apply ICTs for their own social and economic development It is designed as an integrated programme of research and development plus demonstratio...
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    Crossing Borders Initiative
Summary: Crossing Borders is a cross-cultural distance-learning scheme linking young African writers to experienced United Kingdom mentors and developing their work through e-mail tutorials Over 100 African writers from Cameroon Ghana Kenya Malawi Nigeria Uganda Zambia and Zimbabwe are enrolled working in po...
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    High-tech Weather Services Network
Summary: Realizing the need to improve the quality and quantity of surface observations relating to weather forecasts and climate predictions in Africa the World Meteorological Organization proposed a pilot project in June 2002 that seeks to use the existing network of ham amateur radio operators to improve ...
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    Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative
Summary: The Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative founded by the United Nations ICT Task Force and the Governments of Canada Ireland Sweden and Switzerland was established in recognition of the vital role that education plays in creating long-term sustainable development and how information and commun...
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    African Online Digital Library
Summary: The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO through its Intergovernmental Information for All Programme designed and implemented a project to disseminate information and knowledge residing in the public domain to underprivileged segments of 10 African countries It work...
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    Multipurpose Community Telecentre Network
Summary: The overall objective of the project on a multipurpose community telecentre network for African Women is to contribute to the creation of an enabling environment where women will actively participate in the development process and expand their role in ICTs The bottom-up initiative was requested by t...
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Summary: APC-Africa-Women a programme of the Association for Progressive Communications APC is a network of organizations and individuals that work to empower African women's organizations to access and use ICTs to promote equality and development The programme works in partnership with women in Africa and a...
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    SATELLIFE Personal Digital Assistants
Summary: The goal of the SATELLIFE Personal Digital Assistants project was to demonstrate the viability of handheld computers also called personal digital assistants or PDAs for addressing the digital divide among health professionals working in Africa The project which started in 2001 uses affordable techno...
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    Documenting Women's Experiences in Situations of Armed Conflict
Summary: The project Documenting Women's Experiences in Situations of Armed Conflict targeted areas that have experienced or are experiencing armed conflict in Uganda It highlighted women's experiences in situations of armed conflict the roles that women play the effects of these experiences and how women ar...
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    Telecentre Manager Software
Summary: UgaBYTES Initiative is a Ugandan NGO that works to support the integration of ICT into the development efforts of the country In 2002 it introduced a software package Telecentre Manager aimed at facilitating the work of telecentre managers by tracking users activities The software is designed to hel...
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    Virtual University of Tunis
Summary: The Virtual University of Tunis was created in 2002 It spearheaded the development of ICTs in Tunisia and the evolution of higher education so as to make effective use of digital multimedia technologies thus contributing to a stronger knowledge economy and a better-trained learning society It provid...
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    Maghrebmed Portal
Summary: Maghrebmed was created as a portal for promoting both health and ICTs and in particular for taking advantage of the Internet by disseminating health information and forging new patterns of health behaviour and best practices The platform is based on a number of thematic web sites addressing professi...
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    The Contributions Network Project
Summary: The Contributions Network Project CNP connects all large employers and the majority of small ones to the relevant government tax departments via a single point of contact The system enables employers to submit their returns directly through a two-way fully electronic system In return employers recei...
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    The Judicial Inspectorate of Prisons Online Reporting System
Summary: South Africa's Judicial Inspectorate of Prisons JIP -- a watchdog body overseeing the treatment of prisoners and prison conditions -- uses an online system for reporting on prison issues and communicating with Independent Prison Visitors and prison managers South Africa's prisons are seriously overc...
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    Cape Gateway Portal
Summary: The Cape Gateway portal offers transparency by providing information about all government departments and services over the Web A detailed structured data model was developed in order to indicate how to express government information consistently Information on all the vertical market segments such ...
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    Nigeria Working Group on Globalization, Trade and Sustainable Development
Summary: The CSO Working Group on Globalization Trade and Sustainable Development TSD-Nigeria is a platform for articulating inputs of civil society organizations CSOs into the Nigerian regional and global trade agendas It was formed in May 2004 by participants at a series of National Stakeholders Workshops ...
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    Government Electronic Networking: Pre-implementation Phase (GovNet)
Summary: The Government of Mozambique has recognized the need to stimulate more efficient communication and information-sharing within and between government agencies and to increase its ability to communicate with society at large It has assigned a high priority to the establishment of a government electron...
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    AfriAfra: The African Network for Health Knowledge Management and Communication
Summary: AfriAfya the African Network for Health Knowledge Management and Communication comprising seven of the largest health NGOs in Kenya was established in April 2000 by Kenya-based health development agencies to explore new opportunities for harnessing ICTs for community health In January 2001 the proje...
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    The Environmental Information Network
Summary: The Environmental Information Network EIN has electronically linked the databases of two key environmental agencies in Ghana the Environmental Protection Agency EPA which deals extensively with deforestation issues but has also been mandated by the Ghanaian Government to do research into forest prod...
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    Health Net
Summary: The Health Net project aims at improving the quality of life in northern Ghana With its high child mortality rate the Guinea Savannah of northern Ghana is possibly the most risky place in which to live For every 1,000 children born 222 die before the age of five The most common causes of death are m...
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    E-commerce for Non-traditional Exports
Summary: In May 2000 the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in partnership with and with support from the International Institute for Communication and Development of the Netherlands started the pilot project E-commerce for Non-traditional Exports in two districts of the country the Ga District in the Greater...
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    Aid Management Platform
Summary: In February 2003 Ethiopia addressed international donors gathered in Rome for the High-Level Forum on Harmonization The Government was trying to implement a comprehensive poverty reduction programme including a plan to build the capacity of the public sector to carry out the programme however aid ma...
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    CyberEthiopia Initiative
Summary: The Amharic language has Africa’s oldest script which has been used for written communication since 100 B.C Facing the challenge of digital multilingualism and the development of the local script for digital use the CyberEthiopia initiative has converted the Amharic script so that it is Web-friendly...
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    Adaptive Technology Centre for the Blind
Summary: The International Telecommunication Union ITU and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO established a computer training centre in Ethiopia – the Adaptive Technology Centre for the Blind – to assist the blind and visually impaired to gain access to ICTs A non-prof...
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    Free Internet Project
Summary: Egypt's Free Internet Project is an initiative by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Egypt to provide everyone nationwide with easy and affordable access to the Internet at the cost of a local call and with no additional subscription fees Today Internet users all across Egy...
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    Public Access Points
Summary: The vast majority of Internet users in Egypt are based in urban areas Cognizant of this fact the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has launched a programme to bring the Internet to citizens in all 26 governorates Plans have been put in place to establish more than 300 publicly ac...
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    Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative
Summary: The Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative founded by the United Nations ICT Task Force and the Governments of Canada Ireland Sweden and Switzerland was established in recognition of the vital role that education plays in creating long-term sustainable development and how information and commu...
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